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A thorough Viewsonic VP2365-LED review like what we have here will reveal all you need to know about it. Including what you might not like about it.

It is a 23 inch e-IPS panel monitor and was among Viewsonic’s new LCD VP professional series monitors that utilized an IPS panel technology. It features a high contrast ratio, 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution and wide viewing angles.

Color accuracy of this monitor is great as it offers true color reproduction with a high contrast. This makes it useful and applicable in several areas such as photo editing, movie production, video production, games, graphic design, CAD/CAM engineering, security monitoring (x-ray devices), medical imaging, digital visual arts etc.


Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b28Connectivity options include VGA, DVI, and a four port USB hub while ergonomic options include tilt, pivot, height adjust and swivel.


If what you are looking for is a basic IPS panel color accurate screen with a wide viewing angle, then this monitor might be the best for you. But it is not that perfect. There are a few areas where it failed. Continue below to learn more.

Watch this Youtube Video below to see a visual description of this product:

It comes at an affordable price also. It cost about $200 last time we checked. See current price here


Viewsonic VP2365-LED review manufacturer specifications (specs)


Design color

Panel type

Backlight Technology

Screen type (Matte or Glossy)

Matte/anti-glare with 3H hard coating

Aspect ratio
23-inch widescreen


Refresh rate

Pixel pitch (Dot pitch)
1920 x 1080

Not specified

0.265 mm
Amazon rating

Free shipping?

Dimension (inches)

Weight/Shipping weight
9.8 x 21.6 x 17

7.28 pounds/18 pounds
Color Gamut

Color coverage
Standard gamut

70% NTSC
98% sRGB
75% Adobe RGB
Bit depth (Color bits)

Color support
Not specified

16.7 million colors
Factory calibrated?Yes
Response time (Milli-seconds)6ms Gray-to-gray
Connectivity & inputs options
1 x DVI
1 x D-sub (VGA)
Analog RGB
4 x USB 2.0 downstream
1 x USB 2.0 upstream
Ergonomics & Adjustment options-5° to + 20° Tilt
360° Swivel
90° Pivot (rotate)
5.3 inch height adjustment
VESA compliant?Yes (100 x 100mm)
Viewing angles (Horizontal/vertical in degrees)
Contrast ratio1000:1 Static;

20,000,000:1 Dynamic
Brightness (in Candelas per meter squared)250 cd/m2
Warranty3 years limited warranty on parts, labor & backlight
Other features and fine detailsEco-mode features
Mercury free
sRGB color management
Sync on Green
Compatible with Window 7
On-screen display feature
Viewsonic Wizard software included
Security lock slot provided (cable lock sold separately)
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It is important to know the key features that a product offers so as to be sure it provides all you need. It is as well important to compare the pros with the cons in order to make a decision. This review will look into the pros and what you may not like about the Viewsonic VP2365-LED monitor.

If what you need is a monitor for photo editing, office or home use, it may or may not be the best for you. So what makes it great? What is it lacking if any? Here below are some of the key pros and cons associated with it;



  •  Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b16Color accuracy is superb with bright colors: It is made of the popular IPS panel technology. This technology allows the screen to deliver top quality images. IPS (In-plane switching) technology reproduces colors of images with high accuracy.

Colors of this monitor impressed a lot of people and is ready for use out of the box without caliberation. And its IPS technology enables you to view this monitor from multiple angles without image distortion or color shifts.


  •  LED backlight powered. This means that it is an LCD panel with a LED (light-emitting diodes) backlight. This provides benefits such as up to 50% less power consumption, mercury-free backlight, slimmer design, less weight and more.


  • Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b29Environmentally friendly with Eco-mode features: It is very much environmental friendly and features an Eco-mode function that reduces the monitor’s brightness and saves energy. You can activate it when you don’t need all the powerful features of the Viewsonic VP2365-LED.

The Eco-mode function allows you to select either the “Conserve” or “Optimize” options and save up to 40% energy. By adjusting brightness, you improve visibility by reducing eye fatigue. You also prolong the monitor’s lamp life and improve your return on investment by reducing brightness.


  •   Great ergonomics and adjustment options for your comfort: Its ergonomics allows for comfortable adjustment options such as being able to tilt between -5 to 20 degrees, rotate to 90 degrees, swivel to 360 degrees and height adjust to up to 5.3 inches. The rotate function also known as pivot is especially helpful for portrait mode image and documents view.Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b22 Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b21 Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b20Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b19



As you can see, it offers some great features. But ike anything in life, you need to focus on what you specifically need. What are you trying to accomplish with this product? Will it provide you with what you’re looking for? That is all you need to focus on.

Next below, we will look at the cons or the bad side of it.




 Just as it is important to be conscious of the pros, it is equally if not more important to be aware of the cons. Reviews are meant to provide detailed information so that you can see both positives and negatives. Here below are some of the cons or disadvantages we found with it.


  • Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b15Backlight could have been brighter: Some have complained that the backlight isn’t as bright as they would wish for. Once again, this really depends on what you intend to use it for. If you are doing office work, this is not a big deal. It will still provide you with everything you need. If you’re more focused on photographs or videos, you may want to look into this further here.


  • Light on features: This has been a complaint among some reviewers. However, this depends on what you’ll be using it for. In terms of energy efficiency, ergonomics, and color accuracy, Viewsonic VP2365-LED display is great. But in terms of a stylish design, brightness level, extensive connectivity, quick response and some other areas, it did not meet up entirely.


  • Connectivity: It is quite limited in connectivity options. DVI, VGA, and USB are present but no HDMI or DisplayPort inputs. Connections are limited to digital DVI connector, VGA port and four-port USB 2.0 hubs connections.


Ready to compare the price of this monitor with other similar products of its kind, go here.







  • OSD


Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b5Its OSD menu buttons on the front are not the most intuitive for navigation purposes. And we found out that you might sometimes hit the wrong button while trying to adjust the screen settings.

Its five plastic on screen display (OSD) menu buttons look cheap. The five small silver menu buttons located on the front side are not quite attractive and is difficult to tell what each button does until the menus appear after you touch them. Moreover its power switch located at the center of its five button OSD control is annoyingly easy to press by accident.

Its on-screen menu does not have much image processing options. But it offers full color, temperature and gamma configurations. Although it has a dynamic contrast function, it lacks adaptive color processing features as well as a switchable pixel response mode.

And it does not have preset functions for gaming, movie or text but rather you will have to choose from pre-set color temperatures, sRGB mode or adjust the colors manually. But on the plus side, it features two Eco modes that reduces the overall brightness of the display and save power in the process.

On the overall, its OSD offers full color, temperature and gamma settings, but lacks a switchable pixel response mode. It also lacks adaptive color processing modes for image processing task.


  • Brightness and Backlight

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b3Uneven backlighting was noticed across the panel. This is due to a less powered maximum brightness level for the purpose of it to consume less power.

And its 250 cd/m2 rated brightness level is less than excellent. Its 250cd/m2 backlight rating is less than retina searing brightness and made it less flexible for usage beyond that rating. This is mainly due to its use of LED backlight technology instead of the old CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) technology. This is not an issue though for most people and for normal usage but it makes it less flexible for all purposes.


  • Refresh rate and Response Time

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b24It has a slow refresh rate and its 6ms response time is less than impressive for a grey-to-grey pixel response. Its refresh rate and pixel response was described as not fast enough for movies and games. The response time was not as fast as that of TN panels. And because this is understandably, one of the flaws of IPS panels in general, many won’t expect much in this regard.

Though its pixel response and refresh rate is not as fast as regular TN panels don’t get this part wrong. It is fast enough for movies and games but not that quick and responsive as TN panels.


  • Design

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image1Its physical appearance is not quite impressive. It lacks much of the peripheral technology found in other screens of its category. It lacks the stylish nature and pop feeling you get for most new products.

Its chassis, base and screen stand are not that strong in quality either. The Chassis seems to be weak but is actually stable and sturdy. And it offers full adjustability such as tilt and rotate functions. It also supports VESA wall mounting. and it does have a base that is sturdy enough. Though it was quite responsive to adjustments, it was not the best in our opinion.

It also has a large footprint that makes it take a lot of desktop space.


  • Colors

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b9Images tend to look a shade too warm on it due to its color temperature level.

And it does not cover 100% of sRGB. It comes short of full color coverage covering about 98% of sRGB. But despite these, its color accuracy profile was very good. Colors appeared rich and evenly saturated with good contrast out of the box. You can start using this monitor out of the box for color accurate jobs such as photo editing even without calibration. However, installing Viewsonic’s monitor driver improved its color accuracy which we recommend you do. And we do advise you calibrate it despite everything said.


  • Movies and Games

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b14Backlight leakage was noticed in darker scenes while playing games and watching movies with it. Also noticed was a large patch at the left edge as well as a pronounced glow across the top of the screen. Motion pictures was not as blur-free and smooth as TN panels. But you only have to be worried if you are an avid gamer.


  • Viewing Angles

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b10Reddish tones were noticed at extreme angles as well as the usual IPS glow when you move off-axis. But this is not something to worry about for general use as those points were noted while extreme test measures was performed on it. Except you are very particular about colors in extreme levels.



Click here to see what others are saying about it




Other good features and specsViewsonic VP2365-LED review image5


  • Slim Bezel design

It features a slim bezel design that is good for multi-monitor applications.



  • Panel type advantage

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b11Its IPS panel technology affords it a high accuracy in colors, wide viewing angles and a high contrast. This makes it able to reproduce excellent colors suitable for photography, photo editing, graphic design, video production and more. And with this technology, you won’t experience color shifts or any change in contrast when you change views or move photos across the screen.


  • LED Backlighting

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b13With its LED backlight, you get the following benefits; slimmer design, 50% less power consumption than traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) as the light source, less weight, low electro magnetic interference (EMI), environmental friendly and mercury-free backlight, and a high mega contrast ratio.


  • Aspect ratio advantage

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b24With its 16:9 aspect ratio, you will get the most out of HD contents in a non-distorted way without stretching images to fit the screen.


  • Full HD resolution

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b23This product offers great resolution; 1920 x 1080p. This is especially important for producers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. This is what helps to create an accurate, crisp image.


  • VESA mount capable and multi-monitor setup advantage

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b26It is VESA compliant and so you can mount it on the wall or on monitor stands. It includes a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount holes on the back for wall mounting and multi monitor setups. And its thin bezel design helps if you intend to tile multiple monitors together for a minimum lost space between them.



  • Warranty

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b27It offers one of the best pixel performance policy in the market as it uses one of the highest grade panels. And it backs it up with a 3-year limited warranty.



  • Connectivity

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image7It features a DVI-D digital and a VGA analog input. You can connect two different sources at the same time and then toggle between the two source by selecting the input source of your choice on the OSD (On Screen Display). Also available is a USB uplink input that allows you to connect one of your computer’s USB ports to it which in turn gives you four USB ports to plug USB devices with. With this you now have four USB ports on your monitor connected to your computer which you can connect USB devices to.

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b28Moreover its 4-port USB hub on its own, allows you to easily connect USB devices such as digital cameras, flash drives and several other USB devices directly on it.


  • Photo Editing

Its colors are great with a very bright screen and so is very good for photo editing.Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b17


Moreover the price is affordable for a display with these great features. It cost about $200 here.





Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b25Viewsonic VP2365-LED is actually good and ready out of the box for color critical purposes such as photo editing and graphic design. Color accuracy was superb with bright colors. But we did not like the design and weak chassis. Besides that it performed really well and above most others in its price category.


To be fair, for the price of this product, there are a lot of great features for everyday users but for any other specific purpose you might need it for that it does not provide, you will have to increase your budget to a better product here to get the best for your needs. My advice is that you should look into the features that you need most, to make sure this monitor provides them.

Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b32Finding a monitor that fits your needs can be challenging. For many, the first hurdle is to understand what a good monitor entails. There are so many terms and features, it’s hard to know what’s important. So what to actually look for becomes a challenge.


Monitors range on different sizes and specifications depending on a number of factors. Professional photographers will be looking for key features, while a video game enthusiast will look for slightly different features. Whether you’re editing photographs, or simply doing homework, there are certain features that are important and to be conscious of. Here below are some of what you should look for;


  •  Size: Size is measured diagonally; corner to corner. Larger screens allow you to view two windows on one screen for instance. This helps to improve ones productivity. This is great for people who need one document open, while reviewing another as reference. Larger screens have began to drop in price, so they are now more affordable.


  •  Resolution: This refers to the clarity of your screen. A high resolution will allow your images to be crystal clear. The more clear your image is, the more accurate it will be. Resolution is measured in pixels, and it is not recommended that you purchase a large display under 1920x1080p.


  •  Brightness: This has to do with backlight. This really depends on what you’re using it for. If you enjoy watching movies or playing games, you may want to keep this in mind. If its going to be strictly for office work, it’s not something to be overly concerned about.


  •  Contrast Ratio: This refers to how dark the blacks show, and how bright the whites show. This provides the contrast between the blacks, whites and various shades of grey that are displayed.


  •  Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b33Ports: This refers to the connectivity options available for a display. Ports allow you to connect through HDMI, USB, DVI and much more.




Viewsonic VP2365-LED review image b9At this point in this review, you need to be sure this monitor meets your needs. Viewsonic VP2365-LED 23-Inch display is a great option in terms of price. It offers many features for everyday use, but may not meet the standard for professionals. Make a list of the top things that are most important to you and for your work. Check if it meets your requirements. What is your budget and what can you afford? If your budget is low, then this monitor is definitely the one you should consider because it still covers the basic needs of most users. But if you can spend more, you will find many great options here.




Where To Buy it

It won’t be fair that after this thorough Viewsonic VP2365-LED review, we don’t have recommendations on where you can purchase it.


There are a few great options as to where to purchase this monitor and in this review, we have a few recommendations as well as to where to get it at the best price possible.


And one of the best places we recommend you get it with huge discount and free shipping is at Amazon here. Click on the Buy from Amazon link to get it at the best price possible.










Image credits: Most images used in this review are from the Viewsonic official webpage for this product and from product page for this product.

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