Photo Editing Software: What makes a good one

On May 5, 2014, in Photo Editing, by Harry Jackson

  Good Photo editing software5 Photo editing software allows you to to accomplish an image editing task easily and more conveniently. Some software programs offer more tools and features than others. Depending on what you intend to accomplish, there is always a good program out there available for your needs. So, what makes up a good photo editing software? Here are some of them below;

Auto Correction: It should have an auto-correction feature. This will automatically enhance your photos. It is easy to use. Because with just a click of the mouse, you automatically correct your picture on the screen with the help of the software. This is great for people who are in a hurry or want to make simple changes quickly. Some of the things it does is to correct the colors and brightness of an image. If you are not satisfied with how the software auto-corrects your image, simply ‘undo’ the changes.

Multiple File Support: It should be able to support multiple file types. Such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and several other image file types. This helps for more flexibility. And compatibility with multiple picture file types. So that you are not limited in any way with the type of image files you can work with. And so that you don’t run into issues trying to work with other image files you are not usually familiar with. Also, it is important that your software supports your camera and your scanner for instance. For more flexibility and ease of use.

Photo-Editing-Software-image-1Layers: A good program should provide you with the option of layers. The use of layers is one of the essential things you do that help you create great images. Because they improve the quality of your images tremendously. Layers are used to separate different elements of an image. There are so many things you can do with layers. And they are very easy to use and apply very quickly as well. You can apply special techniques, perform local adjustments to specific areas of an image. And achieve exposure blending with it. Those are the main category of things you can do with it. Layers can be likened to a transparency in which images or imaging effects are applied to an image by placing them under or over the image. Layers are important for blending and making certain areas of an image more transparent. layers increase a photo editor’s flexibility.

best-Photo-editing-software-imageEffects: Picture effects are special applicable functions that helps you to apply special effects to your images. Effects are used to remove problems that appear in your original photos and to make some significant changes to an image. Such as to create textured patterns in an image, to add an artistic look, and to achieve an enhanced real-world image. Some of the well known effects are; sharpen, soften, stamp, watercolor, etc. The resulting effect depends on the software you use. Some programs offer predefined effects. With hundreds of image effects that you can choose from. Most software are able to apply special effects that can change the edges of your image, gradient, noise level, and other aspects of your image. All you need to do is simply select the effect you want and the software will produce the image with the effect. Then you can simply save the changes made to the image. And if you are not satisfied with the effect, you can undo the changes made. And then try another effect. Most software programs with several effects have a preview function that opens your image as a thumbnail in your broswer window. This serves as a preview of what the image will look like when you apply the effect. So you can quickly decide if you will like the effect when applied or not.

good photo editing software gimp-300x163Provides you with common image tools: It should provide you with some basic and common image tools. There are so many tool options available in different software programs. It all depends on what you need and what you intend to achieve. And depending on how advanced you are, you might need advanced tools. There are tools for; color enhancing, text, re-sizing, filters, adding graphics and so many more. Basic tools should include red-eye removal, brightness adjustment, contrast editing, cropping, removing a person from a photo, filters, special effects and more. Just be sure to know what you need. And then checkout a few different software to know what they have to offer. Some tools you may not be aware of and may not know how to use might be available in some programs. And turn out to be very useful for you by the time you get to know and learn how to use them. First check with the major and most popular programs available. Because the more popular they are, the more useful they have been to most people. And as well the more tools they might have available for use.

Good-Photo-Editing-Software-image-3Sharing Abilities: You should be able to share your edited photos with it. A good program will allow you to save and share your edited pictures with social sharing websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc. The ability to share your edited pictures makes the program more flexible. And helps for easy sharing and more exposure of your beautiful pictures. It also helps you to network easily with just a click of the mouse. With it, you can send your pictures across to friends and colleagues. And ask for their opinion. And what they think of your edited pictures. They can chip in immediately and give you ideas and suggestions that will improve your photos the better. Sharing also helps you to make new friends as well. Because as more and more people view your edited works, some might be interested to know you better. And help you share it further.

Good-Photo-Editing-Software-image-5RAW image editing: Most photographs are in JPEG format, but some cameras still record in the RAW format. It is important for a program to recognize this format so that all kinds of photos can be used and edited if desired. If a program only supports the JPEG and the other popular image file formats. But does not support the RAW format, you might run into issues trying to edit a picture in the RAW format. So check to make sure of this. To avoid any inconvenience or problems later.

Price: Everyone is on a budget. And we all as well have different experience levels. For beginners, there are software programs available for free. This is a great option for beginners who are on a tight budget. And for those who want to get first hand knowledge of how image editor software works. And it affords you the opportunity to determine if you will like the program or not. Without necessarily spending money since they are for free. Plugins are available also on most free photo editing software programs if you are interested in them. Other programs besides the free ones are available at certain cost depending on their features. And what they are able to help you accomplish. Some cost a few dollars while some might be quite expensive. The expensive ones are aimed towards professionals and serious editors with advanced knowledge. Checkout all of them here.

Aperture-3-good-photo-editing-program-300x256These are just some of the few points to be aware of. When looking for a good photo editing software. Focus on what your needs are. And then check which of the software will meet those needs. Pay close attention to the features and tools that each program offers. Also, be conscious of a program’s plugin abilities. If a program supports plugins, then the possibilities as to what you can do with it, increase dramatically. Figure out your budget on time. And determine how much you are willing to spend on a software. Also determine the use and what you will get out of a good photo editing program. Check for the most popular and trending programs as well. Because if they are very popular, it might mean they have good user reviews. And are excellent in helping people accomplish photo editing tasks easily. But they might come at a huge price tag. If hesitant, start with a free program. From there, you can purchase more advanced programs as your experience increases.

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