NEC Multisync EA273WM-BK Review

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Multisync-EA273WM-BK-27-inch-LCD-Monitor-best-monitor-fo_002  NEC is a Japanese run IT company, that offers multiple technology products and services. They have developed their company for over a century, making them well respected in the technology community. Today, we are going to focus on a review of the Nec EA273 monitor.


Note that this monitor in our review today-the Nec Multisync EA273WM-BK has officially been replaced by the Nec EA273WMi-BK. Both are quite similar though but this review will focus on the Nec EA273WM-BK.


Nec Multisync EA273 is a 27-inch LED backlight TN panel widescreen monitor that is versatile with solid colors and an array of useful features. It comes in a completely redesigned chassis that is about 25 percent lighter and about 30 percent thinner than some of Nec’s previous EA series models. It is capable of small text reproduction and its array of features includes a pivot capable ergonomic stand, multiple ports and management tools.


Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image_HOPIVOTIf you’re looking for a reliable monitor for office use, such as for web browsing, writing text, sending emails, etc., this monitor might be the best for you. It is targeted towards enterprise users and it comes in handy for portrait view of PowerPoint slides and webpages using the rotate function. And you don’t need to worry about wires clustering behind it. Because it has enough room for you to tuck them away neatly in the arm of the base. It provides excellent color quality and it is energy efficient. However, it is not recommended for those who are into graphics and color critical work. Although it has excellent color capabilities, its grayscale performance is a little disappointing.


It is a TN panel monitor with a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a matte black screen and thin bezels. Its panel is of a matte finish and sits on a round base with a telescoping arm assembly. You can height adjust the stand, swivel it, pivot and tilt it to your desired position.


It features a touch-sensitive OSD (on screen display), a streamlined cable management and a ControlSync technology among its array of features. The ControlSync technology allows users and IT personnels to control up to six EA273 monitors in a multi-monitor setup. It includes ambient light and human sensors that automatically detect the conditions of your work environment. And determine the best brightness settings for it to conserve power.


Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review imageIt is a monitor that is aimed towards business users. Pcmag’s review rating for this product is 4 out of 5 which is in its excellent category rating. NewEgg gave it a review rating of 4 out of 5 as well. Amazon had a few mixed reviews though ending up with a 3.5 star out of a 5 star rating. And this included one reviewer who experienced a defective monitor. Overall, it was rated well.





The positive aspect of a product is what draws you to it. And this monitor is not an exception. With it’s robust features, here are some of the positive comments that reviewers have made.


  • Great color: When undergoing DisplayMate’s Color Scales test, it performed well. This monitor displays evenly saturated, bold, vibrant colors. For example, skin tones looked extremely natural, and images did not suffer from any tinting issues.


  • Great for Business: This monitor is said to be great for business use. Because of it’s large screen and cable management features that reduces the cluttering of cables. It cuts down on power usage as well compared to other monitors it’s size. As mentioned above, it provides excellent color, as well as a good text on display performance. These positives make the NEC EA273 great for office tasks such as web browsing as well as overall office productivity. The stand is also highly adjustable, there is USB access, and video inputs.


  • Great View: NEC EA273 offers great viewing angles, as well as video accuracy. This monitor is equipped with wide viewing angles, creatinNec EA273WM-BK monitor review image4g very little change in color as you move your view across the screen. It offers a 5-millisecond pixel response as well which makes videos sharp in detail.


  • Energy Efficient: It offers power saving modes that save you lots of energy bills when activated. It was awarded a Greentech stamp for all it’s energy saving features



  • Various Ports: Two USB ports are located on the left side of the cabinet which makes for easy access. There are two more USB ports available too making it four USB ports in total. Video ports available include DisplayPort, VGA, DVI, and HDMI.






There’s enough positive features within this monitor to get you excited. But it is important to be aware of what some of the negative comments have been.


  • Grayscale Performance: Unfortunately, the grayscale performance was not one of the best features within the NEC MultiSync EA273 monitor. There have been reports of compression on the lighter end of the scale, making the three lightest grays appear to be white. As well, the top two dark grays were not recognizable. Although this is an issue for some, it’s not a big deal within business use. Since the NEC EA273WM is geared towards business, this is something that generally goes unnoticed.


  • Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image_HOPIVOTNo Auto-Pivot function: If you’re familiar with the MultiSync PA301W, you know that the screen orientation will automatically pivot as well when you pivot the panel. But this is not the case with the EA273. In order to change the screen orientation within it, you need to do it manually.


  • Pricey: Some have complained that this monitor is quite pricey. To be fair, it is a lot cheaper than the PA301W (less than a quarter of its more than $2,000 price). But many still have their reservations regarding its price. This monitor will cost you about $400 to purchase it from Amazon and most other leading online stores. You can check its current price here. Regarding its price, it is not that bad for an enterprise monitor meant for business use. And packed with nice features. It all depends on what your budget is, and what you’re looking for.


  • Resolution: Although this monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080p, some have said that it is not to their liking. If you are used to an extremely high resolution, you may notice a difference. With that being said, the resolution of the NEC EA273 is more than enough for the majority. Once again, it really depends on what you’re specifically looking for. This monitor is not really recommended for graphics professionals for this reason and a few other reasons. And since it is not made of an IPS panel, accuracy may not be as high as needed within graphic work.


After reviewing the positives and negatives, it can be said to be great for work generally within the office. Offering a robust feature list, it is sure to make all business tasks run smoothly.





Color accuracy (DisplayMate test)

Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image4When tested for color accuracy and geometric distortions, it performed well and above average on DisplayMate’s color accuracy test. But there were areas it was found lacking. The black levels it displayed were excellent and without any form of backlight bleeding. But it did not perform that much with white levels. DisplayMate’s test for white levels revealed that degradation occurred noticeably at the 250 mark. Its Grayscale performance was good but less than perfect. And it also did well in terms of color intensity. From all indication of the test results performed on it, it can be said to be well calibrated from factory. And so will perform well out-of-box.


Grayscale Performance

Its Grayscale performance was less than excellent. Compression was noticed at the light end of the scale and this made the three lightest swatches appear to be white in color instead of light gray. Dark grays on it were slightly better but the two darkest swatches were not distinguishable. This might not be a problem for most users who intend to use it for business purposes. Such as browsing the web and running office applications. But if you are in need of a monitor with a more accurate GrayScale performance, then by all means go for a higher end display such as the PA301W.


Photo Editing

Photo-editing-reviews-Serif-PhotoPlus-X6-IIIPhotos appear a bit saturated on it. And the reason for this might not be too far from the fact that Its LED backlight burns brighter than normal. For this reason, photo editors interested in this monitor might need to increase their budget. And go for an IPS panel that is more ideal for photo editing. Moreover its viewing angles are quite limiting for professional graphics applications. Especially in the portrait mode.



Its size is ideal for movies as it provides 27-inches of full HD real estate. But slightly saturated colors were noticed while watching movies and videos with it.



This monitor is not targeted towards gamers. But rather to the enterprise user. The size is good but its 1920 x 1080 resolution is quite limiting for a 27-inch display. Because what you will get from this resolution is a lower pixel density. Which is less than what you will get from high resolution displays of the same size. And even less than lower sized monitors of the same resolution as the EA273.

NEC-Multisync-EA273WM-BK-27-Inch-LCD-MonitorIts 5ms response time is a little higher than the response time of monitors targeted towards gamers. Moreover, it lacks some deep, rich colors gaming monitors are known for. And its tendency to produce saturated and over-bright images limits its potential for an excellent gaming experience. But despite all these, streaking and ghosting problems did not occur too often with it. And so it is still able to handle game playing with an average performance.



Lack of an Auto Pivot function

It does not have an auto-pivot function. It lacks an auto-pivot function meaning each time you pivot it, the screen orientation will not adjust to a pivot position automatically like the Nec PA301W. To achieve this, you will have to set it manually through the graphics control panel.



Its price is quite high for a TN panel. It cost about $400 on Amazon but many find it a bit on the high side. But some of its nice features compensate for this price. Features such as;

  • Its ability to rotate from landscape to portrait mode
  • An included cable management scheme that provides enough space to tuck your wires neatly on the arm of the base
  • A thin bezel if you intend to setup multiple monitors.
  • And a Nec ControlSync technology that helps you to setup multiple monitors easily without having to set each one individually. Because changes you make on a designated ‘Master monitor’ will apply to up to five additional monitors using an included ControlSync cable.All make the price seem reasonable a bit.



Lack of a Picture in picture function

It does not have the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function found on Nec’s high end PA series displays. A PiP function would have added some value and justify its rather higher price.






Adjustment Option

Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image_HOPIVOTIt has a fully adjustable and quick-release stand that includes pivot, tilt, swivel, and height adjustment of up to 130mm. Adjustment options available enables it to swivel between -170 to +170 degrees, tilt from -5 to +30 degrees, rotate between 0 to 90 degrees (i.e from landscape to portrait mode). And height adjust to up to 130mm. Which helps for more flexibility and comfort for users. And it is well balanced on its stand and does not tip over easily when knocked from its sides.

It is able to rotate from landscape to portrait mode. Which might be very useful for document processing and web browsing. But unfortunately, its OSD menu does not rotate with it when in portrait mode. And so you will have to turn the display back to landscape mode if you suddenly need to adjust the settings through the OSD.



Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image USBINPUTSIt offers full connectivity options that include HDMI (with HDCP support), D-sub, DVI-D, two USB 2.0 ports, DisplayPort, a USB uplink, audio input, and a ControlSync input/output port. All are located underneath the panel. The two USB ports are located at the lower left side of the screen. Also located at the rear end of the screen are two more USB 2.0 ports and a headphone jack. The USB upstream port enables you to connect to your PC and provide your PC with four additional USB ports on the monitor. This provides a USB extension that can be easily accessible and very useful. There is also a pair of 1-watt speakers located at the back of the screen for sound output.


It has video ports for connection through HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and DVI inputs. There are two small additional ports used as Nec’s ControlSync cable that allows IT personnels to transfer the settings of one NEC EA273WM-BK to up to five more easily and quickly. And this is a very useful feature for multi-screen set-ups such as those found in trading floors.

 Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image INPUTS

Ambient light sensor

It features an ambient light sensor and a motion sensor at the center of the bottom bezel. With its ambient light and human sensors, it is able to detect user activity in front of the screen. And darkens or turn off the backlight to reduce power consumption to up to 90 percent during periods of inactivity. It also has the ability to return back to normal when it detects user activity again in front of it.

The motion sensor is meant to detect movements. And if there is no movement around it for a period of time, it will change to one of its power state. Depending on which one of the power states you set it to change to, it will change to either the power saving mode or the low brightness mode. The power saving mode is the most enhanced energy saver mode while the low brightness mode is for a moderate energy saving mode.

The ambient light sensor enables it to automatically adjust the brightness in different ways. It can be set to adjust the screen brightness depending on what is on display. Such as when there is white content on the screen. Or it can be set to automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the light environment. Such as when it is too dark or when it is too bright. You can even have both of the settings running at the same time or turn them off completely.


Cable management

It offers you ample space for hiding cables in the stand’s spine. There you can hide your USB, Display and power cables. As well as other wires that might make your desk look clunky.


Eco mode

It features an Eco button that enables you to switch between different power settings to save power when needed. Its Eco mode function helps for up to about 50 percent more power conservation. Which in turn reduces the amount you spend on energy.


Multisync-EA273WM-BK-27-inch-LCD-Monitor-best-monitor-fo_002Its Eco mode has three settings. There is a Setting 1, Setting 2 and an Off setting. Setting 1 is limited to about 26-watts of power and meets Energy Star requirements. Setting 2 is limited to about 17-watts of power and that’s about 50 percent less of its total power consumption under normal mode. Meaning you save about 50 percent of its normal power consumption with the Settings 2. And then the Off setting just turns the energy saving function off. And that’s if you don’t need its energy saving function, you put it to the Off setting. With its energy saving features, you get it running at a low power consumption and usage plan.



It performed very well with the DisplayMate Color Scales test that was run on it. Because it delivered bold and evenly saturated colors throughout the scale. There were no tinting issues during this test. And skin tones looked natural on it.



Small text on it looked clear. And it clearly displayed text fonts set to 5.3 points on the DisplayMate Scaled Fonts test.


Viewing angles

Its viewing angles were great with very little change in luminance and color shifts. And so you are sure to enjoy its view no matter the angle you are viewing it from.



Watching videos with it looked very smooth with sharp details. And the colors on it was excellent in quality. Many believe it owes this ability to its 5 millisecond pixel response advantage.


LED backlight

Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review image CONTROLSIts LED backlight technology reduces power consumption to up to 50 percent. Because it enables it to use less power and save up to 50 percent energy unlike some previous Nec EA series models that consume about twice its power consumption rate. And this helps make energy materials less hazardous to the environment. Its LED backlight also helps make it 25 percent lighter and 30 percent thinner for a more stylish design. And this makes it about 25 percent lighter and 30 percent thinner than some previous NEC EA series models.


Nec ControlSync technology

It offers a Nec ControlSync technology that enables you to copy the settings of a designated ‘Master monitor’ to up to five other Nec EA273 monitors. You achieve this using the ControlSync cable that comes included with it. It is very useful for multi-monitor configurations. Because each time you adjust the setting of the ‘Master monitor’, the setting you made will automatically be applied to the rest of the others.


Carbon Savings Menu

It includes a carbon savings menu that displays an estimated carbon savings in Kg. Which is an estimate of how much money saved on a cost per KWh basis. This is good for those who are very concerned about eco-friendliness.


Vesa Compatible

It is Vesa wall mountable and so you can mount it on the wall.

NEC EA273 has many great features that includes ECO settings, multiple ports, a great sized screen, and more. Greyscale performance was good but less than excellent. And it might not be the best for graphic professionals and photo editors. Just look to make sure all it has to offer fits your needs. If you’re looking for a reliable monitor for the office (web browsing, writing text, sending emails, etc), then this monitor is for you. But if you are more graphic orientated, it may not be the best for you.




Nec EA273WM-BK is for enterprise users and consumers alike. And it includes enough features for business use. With its USB hub, multiple video inputs and great adjustable stand, it makes a good choice for business users who are in need of a big screen display. It also offers less power usage and good management of cable clutters. You will experience more office productivity and web browsing task with its solid colors and text performance.

Nec EA273WM-BK monitor review imageUnlike its superior the Nec PA271W, Nec EA273WM-BK is not suitable enough for graphic professionals and color critical work. One thing working against it in terms of this is that it is made of the less expensive TN panel. Its screen is large enough though. And it has enough ergonomic features. Grayscale performance and black levels was great. But its colors tends to be saturated and overly bright. Full HD videos and movies played well on it. It did well with games too without ghosting effects.

Its OSD was easy to navigate but its use of touch sensitive buttons was not ideal enough. Connectivity options are flexible enough. It also has eco-friendly features and settings that helps you to save money overtime with a less power usage.

But it is quite lacking in terms of a more accurate GrayScale performance. And if you are particularly concerned about this, you may want to consider other products that do very well in this regard. Such as the Apple Thunderbolt Display that cost about $1,000. Or the Nec PA301W that cost about $2,000. Besides the lack of an excellent GrayScale performance and other minor issues, the Nec EA273WM-BK had a good overall performance. Especially with its robust energy saving features and other array of features.



Where to buy the NEC Multisync EA273WM-BK 27 Inch LCD Monitor

You can purchase this monitor right away from Amazon at the best price possible with free shipping. And with huge discounts available when you click Here.

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