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Dell U2713HM

This Dell U2713HM review seeks to point out the key aspects of it that makes it ideal for work and entertainment purpose. We also look to see areas it comes short of expectations. And if it is ideal for you personally. And for what you need it for.


Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM in our review today is a 27-inch IPS panel LED-backlit monitor with a WQHD resolution. It is kind of an update to the popular U2711. It was introduced in 2012 as part of Dell’s 2013 range of Ultrasharp quality monitor products. Coming a few months earlier as is always the case with Dell’s product introductions.


It is not really a replacement of the U2711 but a complementary offer since these two displays sport different specs and features.  For instance, the U2711 is a 10-bit gamut with 102% NTSC, 100% sRGB and 96% Adobe RGB coverage. While its successor-the U2713HM in our review today is an 8-bit gamut with 72% NTSC and 99% sRGB color space coverage.


It has been regarded to many as a bigger version of the U2412M. With just a few additional features and omissions to the U2412M. The most prominent of which is the shift from CCFL to W-LED backlighting. Which brings a host of benefits that include a slimmer profile, energy efficiency and other environmental benefits.


Dell logo

Dell logo

Dell U2713HM is also the first monitor from Dell to use AH-IPS panel technology. Although the difference between AH-IPS and the normal H-IPS is not clear. And may well be more of a marketing statement than a real improvement, many see it as being a superior IPS panel.


Dell U2713HM in our review today may not be the best we have seen from Dell’s line of Ultrasharp products. However its robust features and performance earn it a place among the best. It delivers excellent color reproduction, wide viewing angles, full ergonomic support, adequate connectivity and low energy consumption.  It’s however a bit expensive to many. But if money is not a problem, it is definitely an excellent monitor to have.


What is in it for you

Let’s see what is in this monitor for you personally. And if it is ideal for your needs. Though everything said in this section is about its positive side, it has a few flaws that you need to be aware of. Which we will also look into later on in this page.


  • It makes you see every detail in brilliant colors

    It makes you see every detail in brilliant colors

    It provides you with accurate colors out-of-box because it has been carefully calibrated from factory to provide excellent colors.


  • It makes you see every detail of your pictures in brilliant and sharp colors.


  • It gives your pictures a cinema-like clarity. Which will make your pictures display with superb clarity.


  • It’s very spacious 27-inch widescreen view provides an amazing clarity for your pictures. Making you enjoy its wide view while editing your photos.


  • You get to maximize comfort and convenience with it. Because it is very easy and convenient to use for work
    It enables you to maximize comfort and convenience

    It enables you to maximize comfort and convenience

    and entertainment purpose.



  • Included with it is Dell’s special Display Manager Software tool that helps you to quickly access its special functions. Such as the PowerNap, Auto Mode, and Easy Arrange applications. PowerNap is a function that helps you save its resources. Which you can enable to reduce power consumption. Which it does by dimming the monitors brightness to a minimum brightness level. Or by putting it to sleep mode when it is not in use. Auto Mode is an application in it that helps you to adjust or auto-assign preset modes to specific applications. While the Easy arrange helps you to neatly tile your applications and arrange them to your preferred layout. All are intended to make it easy for you to use for your convenience. Which will be of much benefit  when are editing pictures with it.


  • It comes in an environmentally consious designb

    It comes in an environmentally consious designb

    It was manufactured with environmental conscious materials which makes it eco-friendly in design. And it is compliant with latest environmental standards. One of the materials it is made of is an arsenic-free glass that is a mercury-free panel. It also uses about 25 percent of post-consumer recycled plastics in its chassis. And BFR/PVC-free laminates for its circuit boards. All of which makes it comply with environment  guidelines.


  • It comes with a solid hardware warranty and excellent customer service

    It comes with a solid hardware warranty and excellent customer service

    Feel confident to purchase the Dell U2713HM with peace of mind and ease of ownership. Because it comes with a suite of service and support options. You get a Premium Panel Guarantee with it. That guarantees a no bright pixel experience. And if you ever do experience even a single bright pixel, you can receive a free panel exchange under Dell’s Premium Panel Guarantee policy. You also get a 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty. And three years of Dell’s Advanced Exchange Service.


It is ideal for photo editing and for most other office and general use applications. Because you get to maximize comfort and convenience with it. And because it is easy and convenient to use for work and entertainment.


Click here to see its features and more of what it has to offer you in terms of features.



Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM specs (manufacturer specification)

Here are the specs of this monitor to compare it with the U2711 and U2412 mentioned in this review;


HintClick on the next button below the table to see more spec features


Dell UltraSharp U2412M

Price: About $260
Design color

Panel type

Black & Silver



Screen type (Matte or Glossy)

Matte (light anti-glare)

Matte/Anti-glare with 3H hard coating.
Enhanced W-CCFL


Aspect ratio
27-inch widescreen

24-inch widescreen

27-inch widescreen


Refresh rate

Pixel pitch (Dot pitch)
2560 x 1440


0.2331 mm
1920 x 1200


0.27 mm
2560 x 1440


0.233 mm
Amazon rating

Free shipping?



Dimension (inches)

Weight/Shipping weight
7.9 x 25.2 x 16.7

21 pounds/ 21.4 pounds
21.9 x20.2 x7.1

17 pounds/ 19.3 pounds
29.2 x 9.9 x 23

3,000 pounds/ 30.5 pounds
Color Gamut

Colour space coverage

Standard gamut

72% NTSC
99% sRGB
Standard gamut

71% NTSC
95.8% sRGB
74.3% Adobe RGB.
Wide color gamut

102% NTSC
100% sRGB
96% Adobe RGB
Bit depth (Color bits)
Color support
True 8-bit

16.7 million colors
6-bit + A-FRC (simulated 8-bit)

16.7 million colors
8-bit + AFRC with 12-bit internal processing
1.07 billion colors
Factory calibrated?YesNoYes
Response time (Milli-seconds)8ms gray-to-gray
8ms gray-to-gray6ms gray-to-gray
Connectivity & inputs options
1 x Dual-link DVI-D (with HDCP)
1 x HDMI
1 x Displayport 1.2
1 x D-sub (VGA)
4 x USB 3.0 downstream
1 x USB 3.0 upstream
1 x Audio out
1 x DVI-D (with HDCP)
1 x Displayport
1 x D-sub (VGA)
4 x USB 2.0 ports
2 x DVI-D (with HDCP)
1 x HDMI 1.3
1 x Displayport
1 x D-sub (VGA)
4 x USB 2.0 ports
Component video
Composite video
Ergonomics & Adjustment options-4° to + 21° Tilt
+/- 45° Swivel
Full Pivot (rotate)
117mm height adjustment
-21° to + 4° Tilt
+/- 45° Swivel
Pivot (rotate)
115mm height adjustment
Pivot (rotate)
& height adjustment
VESA compliant?Yes (100 x 100mm)Yes (100 x 100mm)Yes (100 x 100mm)
Viewing angles (Horizontal/vertical in degrees)
Contrast ratio1000:1 static

2,000,000:1 dynamic
1000:1 static

2,000,000:1 dynamic
1000:1 static

80,000:1 dynamic
Brightness (in Candelas per meter squared)350 cd/m2300 cd/m2350 cd/m2
Warranty3 years advanced exchange service & premium panel guarantee3 years limited warranty3 years limited hardware warranty & 3 years of Dell's Advanced Exchange service
Other features and fine detailsDynamic dimming
PowerNap features
Integrated cable management system
Compatible with Window 7
Anti-theft stand lock slot to panel
Among the top 3 on two best sellers Category on Amazon
Integrated cable management system
compatible with Window 7
security lock slot provided (cable lock sold separately)
8-in-1 card reader
PremierColor technology
12-bit internal color processing
Drivers & utility software included
Intuitive controls & capacitive touch switches
Compatible with Window 7
Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately)
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Watch this YouTube video below to see all you need to know about it;




Considering its features, many still find it affordable. It cost less than than $700 here.



  • Design and features
Its design is great

Its design is great

It comes in a matte black cabinet and stand. It is thin and ultra-light, something that is not very common with 27 inch screens. The panel has a collective depth of 2.1 inches, made up of the initial 0.9, and an additional 1.2 inch from the rear extension covering the ventilation system and connectors. The thin bezel is 20mm wide on all sides and the full panel width is around 25.2 inches. As opposed to the rather blocky shape of the U2711, the edges of this monitor are fairly rounded. Making it more attractive on your desktop.


Because of its light-weight, it wobbles significantly when knocked from the sides. The front of it is tidy with no visible text apart from the silver Dell logo at the center of the lower bezel. And a set of unlabeled OSD buttons on the right. The back of its screen features a round Dell logo at the top and the connectors on the lower side.


  • Ergonomic Support
It provides full ergonomic support

It provides full ergonomic support

It offers full ergonomic support including tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment. Which is not surprising because Dell has always provided full ergonomic support for all their UltraSharp series. There is a 45 degrees swivel angle, 20 degrees backward tilt and 90 degrees pivot for portrait mode. The panel is 6.2 inches above desktop at the highest height adjustment. And 1.7-inch at the lowest height adjustment.


  • Connectivity

It has a DVI (HDCP supported), DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI inputs. But bear in mind that only the Displayport and the Dual link DVI connectors supports it’s full resolution because of bandwidth limitation. It is however an added advantage to have HDMI and VGA come with it. In case you want to connect your other devices and peripherals.


These connectors are inconveniently placed facing down on it. Which makes reaching them a bit tricky without the pivot function. Its panel produces no buzz at all and stays pretty cool even after prolonged use. Though some heat may sizzle through the top.


  • Onscreen Display (OSD)
Easily compatible

Easily compatible

It comes with an OSD menu similar to the U2412M. The lower right bezel features four small pressable buttons aligned vertically. Pressing one of the provided buttons brings up the quick launch menu where you will see preset mode selection, brightness, and contrast settings. From here you can exit the quick launch menu or proceed to the main menu.


The main menu gives you access to different sub sections. That include  brightness, auto adjust, input source, color and display settings among others. Input source is for selecting the video connector. Auto adjust is only relevant with analog D-Sub connections. While color settings give you access to preset color modes. And allows you to adjust its color format and gamma. Lastly, the display setting is for changing aspect ratio for external devices.


Dell U2713HM review image5bAs with other Dell products, its OSD menu is intuitive and easy to navigate. And the onscreen label system reminds you what each button does. Dell provides 7 picture presets in this monitor. Which includes standard, multimedia, game, movie, text, color temperature and RGB preset. The RGB preset gives you access to the individual RGB channels. It’s however not possible to adjust the RGB values or color temperature in a different preset.


The energy consumption meter at the top right corner of the OSD gives you stats of how much power it is using. While its energy smart mode automatically adjusts the brightness level based on the changes in ambient light.


  • Performance

Still on Dell U2713HM review, in this section we will look closely at the features that makes it ideal for photo editing. And determine if it is the best monitor for the job.


Photo Editing


Screen Size and Resolution: Its WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels is a perfect match for a 27-inch screen. With this you get enough pixel density and screen real estate to work with while editing pictures with it.


Colors are sharp on itColor Gamut And Color Space Coverage: It is an 8-bit standard gamut monitor capable of producing 16.7 million colors. And it has a color space coverage of 72% NTSC and 99% sRGB. This is good for a standard gamut display. Although there are standard gamut monitors that offer up to 80% NTSC, 72% that it covers is still ideal for photo editing. Adobe RGB color gamut is not offered by it though. Meaning it is not meant for those that work with wide/extended gamut colors.


Default Color Performance: Default/out-of-box color performance is important because not everyone is willing to calibrate their monitor before they start to use it. Most people will use the monitor they just bought right out of the box with just some few manual OSD adjustments. Thankfully, Dell U2713HM provides an excellent color performance right out of the box. So you can start using it as soon as it arrives.


In the standard preset mode, colors are even; not too warm and not too cold. And the sRGB color space is closely emulated. It is however a bit too bright and exhibits some slight oversaturation. Its custom color preset which allows you access to the individual RGB channels for calibration also gives impressive default performance. With a good color accuracy and an excellent contrast ratio. Last but not the least, the factory calibration exhibits a near perfect emulation of the sRGB spectrum. And eliminates the saturation witnessed in the standard preset. All is an indication that Dell did a very good job with their factory calibration of this monitor.


Calibration Results: If you intend to use a hardware calibration tool with it, be happy to know that calibrating this monitor in any of the three presets (including custom color, standard, and sRGB) gives impressive results.


It features excellent viewing angles

It features excellent viewing angles

Viewing angles: As expected, it offers wider viewing angles compared to Twisted Nematic (TN) and PVA (Patterned vertical alignment) panels. Colors remain unchanged as you view the screen from one side to another and there is no noticeable shift in luminance. This makes it ideal for photo editors. Because it will afford you the flexibility of viewing your photos from different angles/positions.


  • Text

Texts are often a bit tiny in big screens. And may look tinier to those who are used to small screen displays. Its 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution is very good for office work. Because it gives you a bigger screen area to work with. And its text preset mode allows you to adjust it for a more comfortable office use. It is recommended that you reduce its default brightness from 75% to 40%. For optimum use with text on it.


  • Movies

It provides a great movie watching experience with its movie preset mode. Colors look deep, vibrant and well saturated. While dark details in dark scenes are displayed accurately. There is however an intermittent green tint seen especially on the face of images displayed on it sometimes.


  • Games

Dell U2713HM review image3bIts game preset mode provides impressive results with most games. There is no color tint problem or any obvious ghosting. Which makes it ideal for playing games as well.


  • Power Consumption

It exhibits a fairly good energy efficiency. It consumes about 38.4 watts on default operation. Which is considerably lower than what Dell U2711 consumes (almost 94 watts). On standby mode, it uses 0.35 watts compared to U2711’s 1.19 watts standby power consumption. Users keen on energy efficiency will find this monitor very appealing.


Click here to see more areas where this monitor is applicable




Still on our Dell U2713HM review, we will now look at the following distinctive Pros and Cons of it.




  • Provides decent overall usage performance
  • Offers a wide range of customization options
  • Provides full ergonomic support
  • Offers generous connectivity options and USB 3.0 ports
  • Comes with a good default monitor setup and factory calibration
  • Offers impressive black depth and its contrast ratio
  • Dell U2713HM review image5bProvides excellent pixel responsiveness




  • Exhibits a slight green tint problem
  • It is a bit expensive
  • Exhibits some input lag
  • Does not support extended gamut colors




Dell U2713HM review here shows that it is a well performing 27-inch IPS panel display. With excellent color performance right out-of-box. It is generous in connectivity, provides full ergonomic support and a host of other useful features.


Its main flaw however is the slight green tint problem in its movie preset mode. If you are looking for a standard gamut photo editing monitor, look no further. Because it offers a lot of what you need in a monitor for photo editing. Wide gamut users will however be better off with the U2711.


Where to buy it

It is available at most online stores and at Amazon here where you get it at the best price possible with free shipping.

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