Are you looking foASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitorr a standard monitor that is insightfully designed to do the job of photo editing for you in an exceptional manner? Then the ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitor is the perfect one for you. With its many wonderful features, this monitor is particularly designed to make your work simpler at the job. You will certainly love its numerous features that are designed to enhance your professional experience. ASUS VS239H-P is a well known greater performer monitor for photo editing and home use as well. Most reviews rate this powerful led monitor 4/5 star.

Unlike other contemporary monitors available in the market, ASUS VS239H-P does not use the inferior TN but rather the IPS type monitor technology. The IPS screen thereby brings the overall cost of this monitor down. Despite its low price nature, the IPS screen enables the bhp asus vs239h to offer superior display, unlike other monitors. With this screen, you will see clear images for both texts and videos. Furthermore, ASUS VS239H-P monitor is optimized to enable it offer refined color quality and images. It is very portable, lightweight, and compact in design and sits well on desk and table countertops. In addition, ASUS VS239H-P is one of the best monitors for photo editing and home use that ensures the best level of stability and durability. And it is quite affordable as well.


  • ASUS VS239H-P monitor is quite affordable costing about $180 when you buy from Amazon with free shipping bonus.See the end of this post for details.
  • It offers the highest level of durability and stability on the desk or table countertops.
  • It comes with an enhanced e-IPS panel that enables you to virtually view from any angle.
  • The ASUS VS239H-P product is a very thin and slim monitor on mount or desk with thickness roughly of a MacBook Pro.
  • This monitor is a very efficient power saver running only between 24 and 30 W after calibration.


  • Asus VS239H-P monitor has a small weakness in that the anti-glare coating on the screen has oily or rainbow looking properties.
  • The monitor has noticeable discrepancies in its screen as a result of the reduced height which sometimes affects display.
  • This monitor provides very limited ergonomic adjustments especially for display.
  • Asus VS239H-P monitor uses sRGB mode that sometimes is not too accurate.



Adjustability of the ASUS VS239H-P MonitorThe ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitor offers a basic level of adjustability. Although it does not come with a typical mounting arm, the monitor depends on adjustable mechanism that enhances its adjustability capability. For instance, the screen is designed in a way that it can easily tilt between -5 and 20 degrees both forwards and backwards. Also understand the fact that the monitor does not have options for height adjustments. This directly affects its ability to easily adjust to all positions. Furthermore, the design of ASUS VS239H-P does not allow swiveling or pivoting of the screen. Although adjustability is limited, the monitor offers you what is necessary for a better experience.

Display Quality

This wonderful 1080 widescreen monitor offers users a wide range of group controls settings that are designed to help you enhance image quality. These image group control features include aspect ratio control, sharpness control, Trace free and ASCR amongst other options. For example, Trace Free feature allows you to make adjustments for the betterment of pixel latency and response times. By adjusting these, the monitor is able to provide quality display of images in their truest and original color. In general, ASUS VS239H-P monitor offers a total number of six setting options for display quality. You can use any of these settings to ensure that the monitor produces clear images. You can also set display to suit your gaming requirement.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

One thing that distinguishes Asus VS239H-P from other monitors available in the market is its full dependence on its innovative Splendid Video Intelligence Technology. The technology is exclusive for Asus products only. The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology enables the monitor to optimize its image fidelity and video performance. It does this simply by enhancing the contrast, brightness, color, and sharpness. The result is a production of high quality video images. This is good especially for video and game lovers. The monitor thus comes with six preset video modes for Night View, Theater, sRGB, Scenery, Game, and Standard.

Green in Mind

ASUS VS239H-P MonitorASUS VS239H-P is one of such monitors designed with the green revolution in mind. With this requirement, the monitor is designed to help save our life supporting environment. All the materials used to develop this monitor are environmentally friendly. Examples of these greener materials include the LED-backlit panel which is 100% mercury-free and the corrugated cardboard packaging that is developed to recycle at least 80% of its contents. In addition, its slim-flat packaging reduces transportation costs and CO₂ emission.

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Despite its 23 inches display screen which is considered small, the ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitor offers ultra wide viewing angles. The monitor is designed to offer 178 degree viewing angels. The ultra wide viewing angels are meant to help enhance your desktop experience. In particular, ASUS VS239H-P offers 178 degrees viewing angles both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, no matter your position, you will still enjoy perfect viewing of images on the screen.


Based on an introduction E-IPS screen that get good quality imagery and low pricing, Asus VS239H-P is one of the best monitor that you can acquire without necessary robbing a bank. The monitor is quite cheap and affordable when you compare it with most other monitors of its kind. Despite its low price nature, the monitor is insightfully designed to offer exceptional display and performance just like other high end monitors. This super low price monitor is a beast of its kind offering several different features that are meant to enhance your user experience. Whether you are a professional designer, text or photo editor, or just want enhanced gaming and movie watching experience, ASUS VS239H-P still remains your typical preferred monitor. In addition, this monitor does not bore you with unnecessary, excessive inputs. The ASUS VS239H-P hdmi widescreen led monitor is designed to fulfill your basic needs while also providing decent images. Those are the reasons why you should consider buying the ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitor today for your needs.

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