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Asus-PB278Q-review-image4In our Asus PB278Q review today, we are going to look into the key aspects of it. Whats in it for you, what you wont like about it, its pros and its cons, and a few more. Asus PB278Q is a 27-inch professional graphics WQHD LED-backlit PLS panel monitor.


It was launched as part of Asus professional grade line of monitors. It was among the first displays that came with the then newly introduced Samsung Plan-to-line switching technology (PLS). PLS panels offers more in terms of faster response times, better images and contrast than their IPS (In plane switching) panel technology counterparts. PLS panels also offer one distinctive feature of allowing more light passing through its cells. This in turn helps for higher brightness on its displays and a less powered backlight for power conservation.


Asus is a well known brand that aims for the best performing and highly affordable products and this model in our review today is one of them. Asus PB278Q is very good for entertainment and creation of digital content. With its user friendly features that are also customizable, creating of digital contents such as photo editing or watching movies and playing games, are things you will accomplish with it easily. It offers one of the best screen resolutions of 2560 by 1400. Whose pixels are four times that of 720p (WQHD). It is actually one of the best you can get for home use or for office work.


What is in it for you

In this section, we look to point out all it offers you for what you need it for. Here you will be able to know if what it offers is exactly what you need. And then later on this page, we will look at its flaws in a special ‘what we didn’t like about it section.


  • It offers you true-to-life visuals that makes you see better and wider unlike conventional monitors2It is equipped with a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution (four times the resolution of 720p) that makes it possible for you to view your pictures in greater detail and spacing with crisp and vivid visuals.


  • It offers you impeccable lifelike visuals on display. Making your images look perfect after retouching. With this, you get precision to the finest detail. Meaning you get precise and accurate colors to work with all the time.


  • It is made for both work and playUnlike most conventional monitors that show less detail and spacing with blurry images. With less desktop space for work bars on the side, ASUS PB278Q makes you see more details and spacing with its WQHD resolution. Providing you with more desktop space and work bars on the side for windows applications and toolbars. Which makes your images look more crisp and detailed on it.


  • You get to see true-to-life visuals that enables you to view your photos better and wider. With its PLS panel technology and high resolution that provides you with high quality visuals of your photos on screen. Which in turn will make you view your images in greater details and achieve more with an onscreen footprint that is much larger than standard displays.


  • It features the Quickfit Virtual Scale for true what you see is what you get

    It features the Quickfit Virtual Scale for true what you see is what you get

    Included with it is ASUS exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology for a true what you see is what you get experience. The QuickFit Virtual Scale technology ensures you get real defining colors and image accuracy. As it provides you with a true “what you imagine is what you create” power. Which makes it easy for you to create more image concepts with precision and fine details. Both technologies are exclusive with ASUS professional products. Meaning you can’t get it anywhere else with products of other brands.


  • ASUS exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence technology that comes with it is powered by a precision color engine. That automatically analyzes and determines the nature of your current task. So it can adjust display parameters accordingly. To provide a high level of color accuracy and image fidelity that you need for the current task you are working on. Which is a very useful automatic function that will provide the best view when you are editing your pictures.


  • It features the special Splendid Video Intelligence Technology for accurate colors

    It features the special Splendid Video Intelligence Technology for accurate colors

    ASUS exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale technology that also comes with it provides you with a true what you see is what you get experience while editing your pictures. This unique technology will enable you to preview your pictures and documents in their actual size prior to printing them out. Which is a very useful feature that will help you to accurately view and edit photos in their real size before you print them out.


  • It includes a smart cable management function. That offers streamlined cabling to keep cable clutters off your desktop. And that helps you to keep cables around it tidy and without clusters. Which also helps to keep your workplace looking neat and tidy all the time.


  • It features Asus exclusive Smart Contrast Ratio for lifelike visuals

    It features Asus exclusive Smart Contrast Ratio for lifelike visuals

    It comes with ASUS exclusive Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) that enhances contrast and sharpness by adjusting its backlight and luminance. To provide the deepest blacks and brightest whites. Which will provide extra-clear visuals for your photos that truly come to life so to speak.


  • Included also is the ASUS Eyecare function that helps to deliver a more comfortable viewing experience for you and your needs. This special Eyecare function adopts a Flicker-Free technology that clears out any flicker distractions that might show on its screen. Which helps to reduce eye fatigue especially when you are working with it for a long period of time.


  • It is currently the number one best seller in laptop replacement screens category on Amazon’s best sellers list. This goes to tell you how well it has been received and still currently appreciated by consumers in the display market.


  • Asus-PB278Q-review-image1It is actually made for work and for play. With its WQHD screen, you get to enjoy 77% more desktop space than most regular monitors. Which affords you more space for your Windows applications and palettes. The view on it is about 25% sharper than most regular displays. Which provides you with ultra-smooth visuals to work on your pictures. With a fast response time that ensures you get a lag-free experience while playing games and movies with it. In fact games on it look more vivid and show in true colors because of these features.


Asus PB278Q is most ideal for photo editing and for gaming as well.


Click here to see its current price and more of what it has to offer you in terms of features.


Watch this Youtube Video below to see what it looks like when in use.



It is pocket friendly as well. You don’t have to pay huge for it when you consider the features that comes with it. It cost less than $400 here.

ASUS PB278Q specs (manufacturer specicifications)

Still on Asus PB278Q review, lets look closely at its specs to compare with Dell U2713 and ViewSonic VP2770 that are similar to it. And find out more of what it offers you in the table below.


Hint: click on the next button below the table to see more of its spec features.


Design color

Panel type




Screen type (Matte or Glossy)

Light Anti-glare coating

Matte (light anti-glare)

Matte (Light anti-glare with 3H hard coating

Aspect ratio
27-inch widescreen

27-inch widescreen

27-inch widescreen


Refresh rate

Pixel pitch (Dot pitch)
2560 x 1440


0.233 mm
2560 x 1440


0.2331 mm
2560 x 1440


0.2331 mm
Amazon rating

Free shipping?



Dimension (inches)

Weight/Shipping weight
29.7 x 8.8 x 18.5

19.4 pounds/25.1 pounds
7.9 x 25.2 x 16.7

21 pounds/ 21.4 pounds
13.7 x 25.3 x 18.5

18.6 pounds/ 26.5 pounds
Color Gamut

Colour space coverage

Standard gamut

81% NTSC
99.5% sRGB
78.1% Adobe RGB
Standard gamut

72% NTSC
99% sRGB
Standard gamut

81% NTSC
99.5% sRGB
78.1% Adobe RGB
Bit depth (Color bits)
Color support

16.7 million colors
True 8-bit

16.7 million colors
8-bit + FRC

1.07 Billion colors
Factory calibrated?NoYesYes
Response time (Milli-seconds)5ms Gray-to-gray8ms gray-to-gray
12ms gray-to-gray
Connectivity & inputs options
1 x DL-DVI
1 x HDMI 1.4
1 x Displayport 1.2
1 x D-sub (VGA)
1 x Dual-link DVI-D (with HDCP)
1 x HDMI
1 x Displayport 1.2
1 x D-sub (VGA)
4 x USB 3.0 downstream
1 x USB 3.0 upstream
1 x Audio out
1 x Dual-link DVI-D (with HDCP)
1 x HDMI 1.4 (with HDCP)
1 x Displayport 1.2 (with HDCP)
1 x D-sub (VGA)
2 x USB 3.0 ports
2 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x USB upstream
Audio out
Ergonomics & Adjustment options-5° to + 20° Tilt
60° Swivel
90° Pivot (rotate)
120mm height adjustment
-4° to + 21° Tilt
+/- 45° Swivel
Full Pivot (rotate)
117mm height adjustment
-5° to + 23° Tilt
+/-60° Swivel
90° Pivot (rotate)
150mm height adjustment
VESA compliant?Yes (100 x 100mm)Yes (100 x 100mm)Yes (100 x 100mm)
Viewing angles (Horizontal/vertical in degrees)
Contrast ratio1000:1 Static;

80,000,000:1 Dynamic
1000:1 static

2,000,000:1 dynamic
1000:1 static

20,000,000:1 dynamic
Brightness (in Candelas per meter squared)300 cd/m2350 cd/m2300 cd/m2
Warranty3 years parts and labor limited warranty3 years advanced exchange service & premium panel guarantee3 year limited warranty on parts, labor & backlight
Other features and fine detailsIntegrated 2 x 3 watts stereo RMS speakers
Headphone jacks and audio inputs
Trace Free Technology
Compatible with Window 7
Zero Bright Dot policy
QuickFit modes
Security lock slot provided (cable lock sold separately)
Dynamic dimming
PowerNap features
Integrated cable management system
Compatible with Window 7
Anti-theft stand lock slot to panel
Factory calibrated
Viewsonic Wizard software included
Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately)
Full ReviewYou are on the review page of this product.Our review of this product is coming soon. Meanwhile click here and scroll down the page to read user's review of this productClick here to read our honest review of this product.
More detailsClick here for more information and details of how to get this product with huge discountClick here for more information and details of how to get this product with huge discount.Click here for more information and details of how to get this product with huge discount.



Pros and Cons

Here are its distinctive features and flaws that you need to be aware of below;



  • It features a PLS panel that has advantages over the regular IPS panel. Because of its high level of transmission that allows more light through each cell.
  • Its PLS panels also enables it to feature better viewing angles especially for contrast and consistent colors as opposed to IPS panels.
  • It comes with an effective control panel that allows you to use either a brighter display or lower powered backlight.
  • You can do a full 2560×1440 resolution using an HDMI cable with it. Because its HDMI is compatible with HDMI 1.4 inputs.



  • The lip is located just below the inputs which makes it difficult to connect thick cables with such a small space.
  • It does not have USB ports which actually limits its connectivity options.
  • The swivel mechanism does not work well sometimes because it is poorly implemented.
  • It is overly raised above the base area which actually lowers its stability.
  • The connection ports face downwards behind it making it not easily accessible.



Still on our Asus PB278Q review, lets take a closer look at what you might not like about it below.

  • USB

We did not like the fact that there is no USB port for USB connections. This missing feature in a professional grade monitor is not a welcome development. And is quite disappointing for such a great product. Although this would have caused it a big flaw, it did make up with several other connectivity options such as; HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA (D-sub with HDCP), and DL-DVI interfaces.


  •  Swivel

Its swivel mechanism is barely functional. It wobbles more than it is supposed to when knocked from the sides. Because the swivel mechanism prevents the stand from staying completely flat at the bottom of the foot stand where it is located. Due to this poor swivel implementation, the entire chassis swivels when rotated instead of just the screen.Asus PB278Q review image3


  • OSD and Menu options

Its menu controls are less than was expected. The OSD (on-screen display) of this monitor uses old technology and lacks improvements that manufacturers have recently been making on OSD menu options. Asus classic OSD menu known in many of their older models is evident in this monitor which many consider not up to date with modern trends. Moreover, the OSD controls are a bit confusing to use because the preset and menu buttons function as exit and enter buttons respectively.


  • Anti-Glare coating

The anti-glare coating works very well as it keeps out most reflections. And at the same time maintains its vibrant colors and high contrast as well. But when viewed from off angle on a black screen, blurs of the environment were visibly noticed. This could be an issue if you are going to use it under natural lights for a long period of time. Besides that it is no issue at all under normal conditions.


  • Adjustment options

It does not have an auto-pivot function. And the rotate function was found to be a little too stiff to use and might not be of much use due to the size of the screen. Moreover it does not support auto-rotation when it comes to image orientation. For this purpose, you will have to use the graphics control panel.

Height adjustment can be a little stiff as well when adjusting the screen downwards. Tilt adjustment can be a little stiff also to move but not too much to worry about. Although it could have been better, you don’t have to worry much about adjusting it because on the overall, adjustment was smooth and quite easy to use.


  • Colors

A poor out-of-box color accuracy profile was noticed in the color shift test performed on its color gamut. This makes it obvious that it was not factory calibrated like its Dell counterparts. However color correction applied at the software level solves this problem. In other words, calibrate it before you start to use it.

Asus PB278Q review image1Color accuracy was not as good as was expected of it. Colors were not as deep and rich as noticed in some other high end displays. And according to a similar review by Tftcentral, color accuracy was found to be not so good for anybody intending to use it for color critical work.

And it comes short of a usable sRGB emulation mode to cut back the slightly known over saturation of the native gamut. Lack of sRGB emulation might be quite limiting to some users. Reason partly because of the slightly wide 81% NTSC color gamut coverage. Calibrating it will give you a better setup. Which we highly recommend you do.


  • Gamma settings

There is a slight gamma and some white point discrepancies in the default settings. And there is no simple way to correct this without a calibration tool.

Moreover, you have very little control over its Gamma levels with options between just 1.8 and 2.2 provided. Because of this, if any of the options is not 100% correct, you will have to adjust it off panel through the graphic settings in windows.

It is strongly recommended that you adjust the gamma to some extent of correctness before you start to use it even for the first time. This is certainly not an issue for the average user but for photo editing and color critical purposes, you have to calibrate it for optimum performance.


  • Backlight

Its backlight flickers occasionally. And the screen uses a function known as pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control backlight dimming. Though PWM has been in use for a very long time now for this purpose, it is not really the best option these days. This is especially the case for those who might suffer from eye problems such as eye fatigue due to an after effect of this. Such people as well as those who tend to suffer from headaches that result from flickering backlights may need to be concerned about this. For most users however, you don’t have to worry because it only affects a very few number of people generally.


  • Viewing angles

Asus PB278Q review image4In several test performed on this monitor, colors remained consistent and contrast was not adversely affected when viewed from the horizontal plane. But on the contrary, the results were not the same for vertical viewing especially when viewed from extreme angles. A lack of uniformity for both situations was noted. You will not notice this though in a moderately bright room because both results were observed in a completely dark environment for test purposes.


  • Games

For gamers, it was noticed that its default color profile was not quite perfect for gaming but could be tweaked to near perfection through its menu options. It is recommended that you play games with it in a dark environment because light sources will result to a distracting reflection on it. Also the amount of glare it usually casts in a normally lit room can result to eye strain and can make you loose concentration in games.  It depends on the light source. The more reason it is advised you play games with it in a dark room. Because of these reasons, this monitor requires a careful environmental planning to ensure that reflections are minimized.


  • Movies

For movie enthusiasts, it is recommended that you fix the overly purple hue and washed out images noticed with its default color settings. By of course calibrating it to full color capabilities. If not watching movies on it with the default configuration will tend to strain your eyes. It is also recommended that you watch movies with it in a darkened environment to reduce the reflections and amount of glare that comes with it. Due to the nature of its glossy screen coating.

Lack of panel uniformity was also evident while watching movies with it. Though you won’t notice it while sitting directly in front of it, moving even slightly off-angle results to a sharp image quality reduction. Next it was observed that while watching 1080p video sources with it (it is actually a 1440p monitor), poor scaling and up-converting abilities were evident. This resulted to video noises being translated directly on the screen without reduction.


  • Dynamic contrast

Asus PB278Q review image9Its dynamic contrast is not useful. A dynamic contrast mode is included with it but found to be useless. Because although it is only available in the scenery and theater presets, what it does is to boost contrast. This in turn blows out the white areas and further deepens black areas. Disabling it was found to be the best option.


  • Other missing features and our suggestion

Media Card readers are not available. Not available also are ambient light sensors and human motion sensors.

You need to calibrate this monitor and tweak it extensively to get an optimum performance out of it. Among all the reasons for calibrating it is that it failed most of its image quality and uniformity tests with its default settings out of the box. The exception to this was its gaming settings which was quite OK. But even at that, it had a less than optimal out of the box color pallet and gamma.

The emphasis here is still on calibration. You need to calibrate this monitor for optimal performance.

Graphic design professionals interested in this product may need to consider spending more to get a screen better in color features than the Asus PB278Q. Products such as the Dell U2713 and Viewsonic VP2770 offer more in this regard. But that’s if you have the budget for them. Beside that Asus PB278Q in our review today is one of the best choice for photo editing and most other color and gaming applications.


Other Good Features 

Still on our Asus PB278Q review, lets look into its additional useful features.


  • True-To-Life Visuals

It is one of the few products of its kind that offers true to life visual experience. Its advanced LED-backlit, 27 inch WQHD unique screen and 16:9 aspect ratio enables it to display high pixel density images. This helps in producing high quality visuals which is four times that of standard 720p monitors. This allows you to view images with much details. Furthermore, because it absorbs more lights, it does not require much lighting to be powered to it.


  • Suitable for both work and play

With its ultra wide 178 degrees viewing angles and true to life visuals, it is highly suitable for both work and play. It provides both vertical and horizontal viewing planes which minimizes the onscreen color shift especially when you are working on your desktop. Unlike other full HD screens that spreads on your palettes and window, this monitor allows you to enjoy more than 77% desktop space due to the nature of its WQHD display. It also produces very sharp images that are very vibrant in nature.


  • Quickfit virtual scale

It comes with a unique feature known as the Asus exclusive QuickFit virtual scale.The Asus exclusive Quickfit virtual scale allows you to see images and documents on-screen in their actual sizes, with natural and original colors before print. In fact what you see is what you get. This exclusive feature allows you to preview documents and photos in their actual sizes and colors before printing. You can easily activate the QuickFit Virtual Scale using the hotkeys provided on the display. This feature is very useful because it helps you to edit photos and documents accurately and preview them on the screen exactly the way they will appear before you print them. It also enhances easy editing of photos and documents.


  • Splendid video intelligence technology

It uses a splendid video intelligence technology that enables it to produce clear images for gaming and movie watching. This technology is designed to produce precise colors for all types of images. It uses a precision color engine that is designed to automatically determine and analyze the nature of your desktop task to enable it produce precise and clear colors. Therefore, it adjusts the display parameters automatically to match your experience and guarantee image fidelity and color accuracy.


  • Extensive connectivity options

It comes with several different connectivity options that helps you to connect it with other devices easily. These connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and dual-link DVI. In addition to these, it offers D-sub for full HD 1080p that is useful for content transmission. It also comes with a twin built-in 3 Watt speakers that are useful for producing a high quality audio output. But unfortunately does not have a USB port.


  • Great design

It is well designed by Asus for people like youwho are in need of a high end affordable monitor for work and play. It offers amazing features which are absolutely user friendly. It comes with ergonomics that makes it portable and suitable for even small desk spaces. It is also stable on the desktop. In addition, it comes with reliable swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment options that you can use to set your view comfortably.



ASUS PB278Q is one of the best monitors to buy if you are in a tight budget and in need of a professional grade display. If your interest is entertainment, movies, gaming or photo editing, it is ideal for you. But be sure to calibrate it before you begin using it.


It comes preloaded with many user friendly features that makes your desktop experience a wonderful one. With its wide viewing angles, 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution, and many more, you are bound to enjoy every bit of it. It also enables you accomplish basic task on the screen without scrolling the mouse too often due to its wide 27 inch screen. Furthermore, its ergonomic design enables you to easily adjust the tilt, height, swivel, and pivot functions.


But a quick reference to what we mentioned in our ‘What we didn’t like’ section above shows that it is lacking in areas that has to do with the following; lack of a modern OSD menu with easy access to all functions, not so good color accuracy profile out of the box, poor gamma setup and settings, no USB inputs, barely functional swivel mechanism, a little stiff ergonomic adjustments, lack of a usable sRGB emulation, lack of panel uniformity, lack of a useful dynamic contrast, absence of a media card reader and ambient light sensor, and on the overall, lack of a well calibrated monitor profile. All of these things mentioned makes it come short of these vital areas.


It was also found to be more of a gaming monitor than for any other use for which it was made for. If you intend to use it for color critical works, we advise you calibrate it properly first before use. If possible, increase your budget a little bit more and go for better color profiled products in its category such as the Dell U2713HM or the Viewsonic VP2770. At the time of writing this, they cost about $600 and $670 respectively on Amazon. Click here for more details.


Where to buy this monitor

You are not too far away from the best places to get this product. And you can get it shipped to you free of charge when you get it here at Amazon.

If you need to see more top products like it meant for photo editing and other office works, click Here.


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