Asus PA248Q review

On June 29, 2014, in Monitors For Photo Editing, Reviews, by Harry Jackson
Asus PA248Q review One of the best monitors for photo editing

Asus PA248Q review: One of the best monitors for photo editing

Asus offers a wide range of products. They have been around since 1989 offering products such as; desktop computers, laptops, monitors, mobile phones, graphic cards, tablets etc.


This article is not about the company. We’re going to focus on Asus PA248Q review. And see what other people are saying about it.


Asus ProArt (PA) series monitors are aimed at professional users whose main priorities and needs are color critical. Asus PA248Q is a 24-inch E-IPS professional grade LED-backlight IPS panel monitor. With an array of great features that makes it ideal for photo editing and office use. And with an appearance that looks sharp and shiny. That looks more like an upgrade of the PA246Q, its predecessor.


What is in it for you

In this section, we will look into all that it has to offer you. For what you need it for. But hey, you are about to see all the nice things about it. It is not perfect as we shall soon find out later on this page. In our ‘What we didn’t like about it’ section. For now lets look at all its positive points.


  • It delivers true and precise colors with lots of color palettes and features that you need for editing your pictures.


  • It displays colors of pictures on it exactly the way your camera captures them. So you can work with all possible colors of your photos and edit them more precisely.


  • It comes with Asus exclusive innovations and design that you won’t find in products from other brands. Such as
    With its ergonomic design and the special QuickFit Virtual Scale function, you can preview documents and photos more precisely

    With its ergonomic design and the special QuickFit Virtual Scale function, you can preview documents and photos more precisely

    the QuickFit, SplendidVideo and a 5-way navigation key that helps to enhance your productivity.


  • Its exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale function allows you to preview your photos and documents on display in their actual sizes before you print them out. This unique function can be activated through a special hotkey. And serves as a very useful function for you to accurately view and edit your pictures easily. With this special function, you will have a simple way to preview what you are working with accurately before you print them out. Making it easy for you to see exactly how your pictures will look like when printed.


  • Asus exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence technology that comes with it is powered by a color engine. That automatically analyzes and determines the nature of your current task (what you are currently doing with it). And then adjust the monitor’s color settings accordingly. To ensure colors are accurate with great image fidelity. And so that colors remain true and accurate at all times when you use it.


  • It comes with this very intuitive 5-way navigation key

    It comes with this very intuitive 5-way navigation key

    Its unique 5-way navigation key works like a joystick and gives you access to its unique QuickFit Virtual Scale function. As well as all other OSD functions and settings. Making it quick and easy for you to access the settings you use the most. For convenience when you want to adjust the settings you need the most while editing your photos.


  • It has customizable OSD shortcuts through this two designated hotkeys

    It has customizable OSD shortcuts through this two designated hotkeys

    It features two customizable OSD shortcuts.  Which you can customize through two designated hotkeys. For quick access to the ten most frequently used OSD functions. Which is another quick way you can easily access the settings you use the most.


  • It comes with an Asus smart contrast ratio feature that makes it deliver lifelike images. Making your pictures true to life in nature. With its smart contrast ratio function, it enhances contrast and sharpness by adjusting the luminance of the backlight. Which makes it to deliver lifelike visuals for a spectacular viewing experience. That you will need to give your pictures that sharp look that makes it look true to life in nature.
Image showing with or without Asus smart contrast ratio function

Image showing with or without Asus smart contrast ratio function


  • It has a Picture-in-picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) function that allows you to view photos from different signals in almost any way you want. This PiP and PbP functions enables you to view photos from different sources and switch between your main display and the PiP source easily. The PiP source could be pictures and audios as well. With this function, you can edit your pictures in between pictures from another source or signal. Say maybe from a different PC or another display other than the screen you are working with. Which is a very cool and useful feature for photo editors.


  • Asus special Eyecare function in the PA248Q with flicker-free technology

    Asus special Eyecare function in the PA248Q with flicker-free technology

    It has a special Asus Eyecare function. That uses a Flicker-Free Technology to clear out any distracting flicker shown on its screen. Which helps to reduce eye fatigue when you are working for long hours with it. And also helps to give you a more comfortable viewing experience.



  • A conventional monitor display without the flicker-free technology

    A conventional monitor display without the flicker-free technology

    It is equipped with an advanced visual technology that enables you to see all the true colors of your pictures. And every brilliant detail it contains. Which you may not know exist in your photos if you are using a lesser quality display.


  • It comes factory calibrated already making it accurate in colors out-of-box. Which makes it possible for it to produce the most accurate and consistent colors. So you don’t need to take more time to calibrate it before use. And so you can start making use of it to edit your pictures as soon as it arrives. Making it more flexible to work with in different color modes your work might require.


  • Being calibrated already to display true colors also makes it able to read and display the colors of your pictures more accurately. And guarantees you get excellent color fidelity for the best look of your pictures.


  • Its wide viewing angle range ensures you get quality visuals with the most minimal onscreen color shift from almost any viewing position.
No color shift due to its IPS panel and wide viewing angles unlike conventional monitors

No color shift due to its IPS panel and wide viewing angles unlike conventional monitors


  • It delivers ultra-smooth visuals due to its fast response time. Which ensures that you get a lag-free viewing experience. Which you need for playing games and watching movies with it. Making games look more vivid in nature. Because all minute details of the games you play with it will be visible with true colors.


  • Its design is great. Especially its ergonomic design that provides a comfortable viewing experience for its users. Providing you with that comfort you need while working on your photos.


Asus PA248Q is ideal for color critical and color sensitive purposes. Such as photo editing, photography, graphic design, video editing, etc. Because it is equipped with excellent color features that makes it able to reproduce colors accurately. Which you will need to be able to edit colors of your pictures with much accuracy.


Expand Monitor options with a special document and picture preview feature

Expand Monitor options with a special document and picture preview feature


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If what you need is an affordable monitor for photo editing or for gaming, Asus PA248Q is one of the best for you. It is considered a professional graphics monitor due to it’s great color capabilities. It is designed for professionals whose priorities are color quality focused such as photo editing, video editing and more.


It is able to display full HD video contents and is one of the best alternative to professional grade displays of its kind such as the Dell U2412M and HP ZR2440w.


Asus PA248Q specs (manufacturer specifications).

Still on our Asus PA248Q review, lets see its manufacturer specifications below. And compare it with Dell U2412M that is similar to it.


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Dell UltraSharp U2412M

Price: About $260
Design color

Panel type

Black & Silver


Screen type (Matte or Glossy)

Matte with anti-glare coating

Matte/Anti-glare with 3H hard coating.

Aspect ratio
24-inch widescreen

24-inch widescreen


Refresh rate

Pixel pitch (Dot pitch)
1920 x 1200


0.27 mm
1920 x 1200


0.27 mm
Amazon rating

Free shipping?


Dimension (inches)

Weight/Shipping weight
9.2 x 21.9 x 16.4

0.02 pounds/ 21 pounds
21.9 x20.2 x7.1

17 pounds/ 19.3 pounds
Color Gamut

Color coverage

Standard gamut

72% NTSC
95.8% sRGB
74.3% Adobe RGB.
Standard gamut

71% NTSC
95.8% sRGB
74.3% Adobe RGB.
Bit depth (Color bits)

Color support
6-bit + AFRC

16.7 million colors
6-bit + A-FRC (simulated 8-bit)

16.7 million colors
Factory calibrated?Yes with calibration reportNo
Response time (Milli-seconds)6ms gray-to-gray8ms gray-to-gray
Connectivity & inputs options
1 x DVI (with HDCP)
1 x HDMI
1 x Displayport
1 x D-sub (VGA)
4 x USB 3.0 downstream
1 x USB 3.0 upstream
Earphone jack (3.5mm mini-jack)
1 x DVI-D (with HDCP)
1 x Displayport
1 x D-sub (VGA)
4 x USB 2.0 ports
Ergonomics & Adjustment options-5° to + 20° Tilt
120° Swivel
90° Pivot (rotate)
3.9 inch height adjustment
-21° to + 4° Tilt
+/- 45° Swivel
Pivot (rotate)
115mm height adjustment
VESA compliant?Yes (100 x 100mm)Yes (100 x 100mm)
Viewing angles (Horizontal/vertical in degrees)
Contrast ratio1000:1 static

80,000,000:1 dynamic
1000:1 static

2,000,000:1 dynamic
Brightness (in Candelas per meter squared)300 cd/m2300 cd/m2
Warranty3 years parts and labor limited warranty3 years limited warranty
Other features and fine detailsPicture-in-picture (PiP) & Picture-by-picture (PbP) function
Color rich technology
Trace free technology
Security lock slot provided (cable lock sold separately)
Drivers & utility software included
Photo-and-paper-size overlays, Grid overlay
Among the top 3 on two best sellers Category on Amazon
Integrated cable management system
compatible with Window 7
security lock slot provided (cable lock sold separately)
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Watch this YouTube video below to see this monitor at work and what it looks like if you own it.



And you don’t have to be concerned much about its price. Because it is affordable considering all that it has to offer. It cost about $280 here.


Asus PA248Q looks so much like its predecessor the PA246Q and you might mistake both of them to be the same because they look very much similar. It features a matte plastic casing, with a top quality finish. It is also robust looking with a top notch design.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image3Connections available include; HDMI, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, USB upstream and a headphone jack all located at the back of the screen. These connections face downwards and can be difficult to access if not for the very useful pivot feature.


Also available is a 4-port USB 3.0 upstream inputs located at the left side of the screen.  The power switch however is located at the right side of it. It has an integrated power supply. With it, you only need to use the cables provided for power supply.


New features in this model that separates it from the PA246 are the 4-port USB 3.0 hub and a little control stick on the right hand side of it. The control stick is a small 5-way navigational button that helps you navigate and scroll quickly through the available settings of the internal menu. It is very easy and intuitive to use.



Still on the Asus PA248Q review, it’s important to know what users are saying about it. And before you decide if it is for you, let’s look at the main pros and cons it is known for. Which is also based on some of the user review ratings we found during our research for it.



  •  Color Quality: Asus PA248Q provides its users with professional grade colors. One user mentioned that she significantly reduced the amount of material she needed to print. Due to how color accurate it is. Colors were also said to be highly uniform across its display.


  •  Asus PA248Q monitor review image7Flexibility in Movement: There is a built-in hinge in it for a special pivot function. Its  stand also allows for it to be adjusted four inches in height. You can tilt, swivel, rotate, and adjust its height any way you want. And due to it being made of IPS panels, you get to view colors on it accurately across a lot of different angles. This is great because at any angle you adjust its screen, you still get to see true colors without distortion.


  • Lot’s of Ports: There’s no shortage of ports available on it. The rear cabinet allows for HDMI, VGA, USB, and DVI inputs. There is also an earphone jack. All helps for easy connections with your PC, camera and peripherals.


  •  Gaming Performance: Although this product was made for graphic designers. And color accurate applications such as photo editing, it has great features for gaming as well. It provides a good overall response time performance. Which is very important for playing games. It also has a low display lag. Which is important as well for playing games. And it provides a good user experience for watching movies with it too. All for your advantage because it is very versatile.


  •  LED Backlight: It is eco-friendly and so consumes less power due to its LED backlight. It is also sleek and thin in design. With just 2.4-inches deep. Compared to 3.2 inches of similar models. Which is good if you intend to use it in a tight working space. And its LED lit feature allows for a brighter picture. With a solid display of deep blacks.


  •  Price: During our research for this Asus PA248Q review, we discovered that it is reasonably priced considering all it’s features. And to compare with similar products of its kind. Which makes it affordable at most budgets. As long as the features you need are included in it, it is one of the best option for you budget wise. It cost about $280 here at Amazon.




Despite all of its array of features and affordable price, it was not rated completely perfect. There were some negative things that was said about it. These negative comments may not be a deal breaker for you. Because it really depends on what you’re looking for in a monitor.


With that said, it’s always a good idea to know what problems people had with a product. Before you decide if it is the best for you. So here below are complains about it. And going further on this page, we will look into these cons at length in our ‘What we didn’t like about it’ section.


  •  Grayscale Performance: There were comments among reviews that its grayscale performance is a little bit of a disappointment. Most reviewers reported it as good, but not great. For example when it underwent the 64-step grayscale test, there were good transitions from dark to lAsus PA248Q monitor review imageight points. However, the two darkest tones were a tad too dark. The same results were noticed at the light end of the spectrum.


  • Panel Technology; It is made of an E-IPS (Enhanced In Plane Switching) panel which performs lesser in terms of color reproduction to the P-IPS the PA246Q is made of.


  •  Anti-glare Coating: The anti-glare (AG) Coating on this product was not good enough to many who reviewed it. And it was mentioned within some reviews. Some reported its AG coating as being grainy. But it is not too serious an issue. And certainly should not be a deal breaker for you.


  •  Factory Calibration: Those who wanted to calibrate its colors to near perfection did not like the fact that it was factory calibrated. Because some issues were encountered when trying to correct its gamma and white point levels.


As you might have noticed, it provides you with professional color features. And at a very affordable price for a professional grade display. But not without some complains. Like most other things in life, look into the key aspect of it you need the most. And see if it provides most of what you need a monitor for. To conclude if it is the best for you.


With so many users pleased with its professional grade performance, it is definitely a monitor to consider for color critical applications. Such as photo editing. And if you are interested in it, just make sure it offers all that you personally need it for.


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Still on the Asus PA248Q, lets now look further into some aspect of it that made it not perfect enough.


  • Color Performance: grayscale performance and calibration

Asus PA248Q monitor review image ergonomic Design quickfit virtual scale functionThough it is factory calibrated, it is still not excellent enough for the most accurate colors. And although its calibrated black depth and contrast ratio was very good, it lacked a better gamma and white point setup. Its gamma was a little off the 2.2 ideal value while  its default white point is a little too cool. There is no easy way to correct them without calibration. Calibrating it solved this problem and gave more accurate results which we recommend you do with a colorimeter.


Its grayscale performance was good but less than excellent. Backlight bleedthrough was noticed when DisplayMate’s Dark Screen test which consist of a plain black screen, was performed on it. This was mainly noticed in the top right and left corners and along the left edge of the screen. Also swatches from Display Mate’s 64-step Grayscale test evenly transitioned from dark to light but its two darkest swatches were clipped. Meaning they were a tad too dark. The same result was observed at the light end of the scale. This very light gray performance in the light gray level test performed on it, limits its performance in games and movies.


But despite all this, it is still capable of retaining some dark details. Its color quality is great. With deep, rich colors. Its contrast ratio and black depth was very good for an IPS panel. Swatches from the DisplayMate Color Scales also showed that it has a good color saturation and uniformity across the scale. There were very consistent backlight uniformity across its screen too.


Backlight dimming and Flicker

It uses a method known as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control backlight dimming. The relatively low frequency at which it operates with this method to control backlight dimming which is at 180Hz might be a problem to some users. Especially those that are susceptible to flickering and eye issues such as eye strain. Because at a 0% and 50% brightness level, flickering is possible with it. So be cautious if you are prone to issues that has to do with backlight flickering.


Panel uniformity and luminance

A test of how uniform the brightness and color temperature is across the screen was performed on it. This test also looked to identify any leakage from the backlight in dark lighting conditions. The result of this test showed that there seemed to be some dark regions at the top corner of the screen where luminance dropped by about 22%. Also its bottom left hand corner was a little brighter than the middle of the screen.


It is not that bad but less than perfect for a color critical purpose. It was just moderate on the overall but less than excellent. Besides that, color temperature was very stable across the screen with just minor differences of a few percent. With this, its color temperature presented no problems and can provide good uniformity when working with gradients and colors.


Dynamic contrast

Asus PA248Q monitor review image contrastRatio

It features a dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) that is more or less not useful at all in practice. The DCR seems to do nothing when you switch between an almost all-white to an almost all-black screen. which was quite disappointing. It was disappointing because dynamic contrast ratios are meant to control the backlight of a screen automatically which depends on what appears on the screen. In that case its purpose is to increase the backlight when bright images are displayed and to decrease backlight when images on the screen are dark. But in the case of this monitor, the DCR does nothing in practice and so is practically useless.


Panel coating

Its old style anti-glare coating might be too ‘grainy’ for some users. Its screen coating uses an old style IPS panel antiglare coating. This anti glare coating was described as being grainy or heavy in nature. And some people did find problems with it especially when viewing a lot of light content with it. The case in particular with this issue is when viewing white backgrounds of office documents and spreadsheets. But many others did not find an issue with it. Besides, this old style anti-glare coating has been in use for many years on IPS panels. It’s just that modern IPS panels these days use what some people call a cleaner or lighter anti glare coating.


Viewing Angles

Its viewing angles were truly wide and very good for view generally. However, there was some little color tone shifts at wide angles past about 45 degrees horizontally. Still on the horizontal view, slight darkening of images was noticed as the contrast shifted slightly at wider angles. Contrast shifts were more noticeable in the vertical view as a slight pink hue appeared.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image no_color_shift_pic


Also an IPS white glow appeared on a black image when viewed from a wide angle and this might pose some problems to anybody working with a lot of dark content or in a dark room.


But on the overall, its viewing angles was very good. As it offered true wide viewing angles that was free from any restrictive fields of view. Or any off-center contrast shift that is common to TN and VA panels. It was also not affected by a lot of the quite obvious gamma and color tune shift found on some of modern PVA and AMVA panels.


Adjusting it

It does not have an auto rotate feature. Meaning it does not automatically rotate its screen when you change the panel’s orientation from landscape to portrait. You will have to correct this manually using the graphics control panel settings.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image4Height adjustment is smooth but a little stiff to use especially when you are lowering it. Rotate adjustments made between portrait mode to landscape mode is smooth also but a little stiff to use as well. But tilt and swivel adjustments were fairly easy to use. On the overall, it has a good range of adjustments with smooth movements and ease of use.



Though movies looked more cinematic with the theater preset mode, there were some loss of movie details. Crushed dark grays and a dominant blue hue was noticed in this mode while watching some movies with it. This made some of the fine details of movies difficult to see.


It is advised that you do not use the theater preset mode for videos and movies because this mode crushes static contrast ratio a lot and appears overly blue. To get a more balanced image where dark grays are not missing in blue hues, the standard preset mode was used with gamma set to 1.8. This helped to balance the contrast for a more tolerable color that does not minimize the black detail. So use the standard preset mode for movies and videos.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image splendid video intelligence


Moreover its 16:10 aspect ratio is not the best option for videos because it leaves large boarders at the top and bottom while playing DVDs and wide screen contents with it. A 16:9 aspect ratio is the best for this.



Playing games on the standard preset mode with gamma set to 1.8 and contrast set to 80 gave vibrant graphics with colorful images that retained a low black level. However, it did not have an impressive color palette as that of the HP LP2480ZX monitor that was compared to it. But it performed very well in terms of contrast and vibrancy of colors for games.


Its responsive rating is a bit disappointing. Response time is important for you to get the best out of fast moving games and other programs that depend on moving images. It was noticed that with its default settings, moving objects on the screen were trailed by reverse ghosting effects. To get rid of this, you will have to switch the Trace Free function to 40. Even after switching to this value, it still did not give the best results. Though moving objects and fast action scenes improved and was smooth enough for gaming, it was less than excellent.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image expandMonitor


Also fairly long streaks were noticed in the colored blocks that moved around at different user controlled speeds. And this was when testing refresh rate with DisplayMate’s motion graphics test. Streaking was quite significant in this test but won’t be noticed by most people. Moreover IPS panel monitors are known to display more streaking than TN panels.


Ghosting Time

Ghosting time could have been better for multiplayer games. It was found that latency exist between an action and its onscreen response. But it was too low to be noticeable to the human eye. On the overall, input lag was great.


Additional Features

It does not have extra features such as card readers, human motion sensors and ambient light sensors. There was also no multimedia card reader present unlike the one provided in the PA246Q.


Click here to see what others are saying about it.





Pre-calibrated right out of box

It comes pre-calibrated from factory and this makes its out-of-box settings very impressive for immediate use. Its out-of-box settings also supports both Gamma 2.2 for PCs and Gamma 1.8 for Mac computers. And this makes it much more flexible to work with.



Asus PA248Q monitor review image customizable osd ShortcutIt comes with two designated hotkeys that work as customizable OSD (on-screen display) shortcuts for quick access to the ten most frequently used OSD functions.


Its OSD features six buttons: a Menu button, a preset shortcut button, two function shortcuts, a Source button, and a small nub that looks like a joystick all along the right side of the screen. With the joystick, you can navigate the OSD but its usefulness is quite limited. You can scroll the up and down menus with it but you have to use the menu button to exit the menu.


Its OSD features a standard, theater, sRGB, and scenery mode presets with two additional customizable user modes. Its color menu offers contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, gamma (1.8 and 2.2), temperature and advanced color settings. The advanced color settings includes a six-color (RGBCMY) hue and saturation settings including a direct RGB color control using gain and offset. The image settings include focus, sharpness, position and aspect ratio options.

Asus PA248Q monitor review image intuitive 5 way navigation key


It also has a unique feature known as the QuickFit. With this feature, you can use the joystick nub to choose either a grid pattern of various units of measure, or a photo and paper sizes pattern. With the grid pattern that includes various units of measure, you can organize content on the screen and perform other task such as graphic designs more precisely. And with the paper and photos sizes option, you have the ability to see exactly how photos and documents will look like when printed.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image expandMonitor


On the overall, its OSD menu has a good range of options with much control available. Navigating through it was easy and quick enough and the small control stick/button made it more easy and intuitive to use.


Asus Smart Contrast Ratio

With its Asus Smart Contrast Ratio and brightness level, it is able to enhance both sharpness and contrast. Its Asus Smart Contrast Ratio enables it to dynamically enhance the display’s contrast by adjusting the backlight’s luminance so as to display the brightest white and darkest black images. In other words, it enables it to display lifelike images.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image smart contrast ratio


Customized Color adjustments

It has a customized hue and saturation control with six color adjustments that allow you to adjust the six colors independently without affecting other colors. The six colors are green, yellow, red, blue, magenta and cyan.


Ultra-smooth visuals

With its 6ms Grey to Grey enabled response time, it is able to deliver ultra-smooth visuals which ensures that you get a lag-free viewing experience when you play games or watch movies with it. You also get a vivid and true color experience while playing games with it.Asus PA248Q monitor review image side2_PA248Q


Extensive connectivity

It was actually the first monitor in the world that came with four USB 3.0 ports. This helps for ultra-fast transmission speeds (of about 4.8Gbps) that is up to ten times that of USB 2.0. And with this, you can easily connect your devices and peripherals such as external keyboards, mouse, external storages/hard disks etc. at high speed transmission levels. It is also compatible with USB 2.0 devices.


Asus Exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

With its Asus Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, it is able to analyze and determine the nature of a user’s task automatically and then adjust the display’s parameters accordingly for image fidelity and color accuracy. And there is a designated hotkey that can select its six preset modes being standard, Theater, Scenery, sRGB and two user modes.


Intuitive 5 way Navigation key

Asus PA248Q monitor review image intuitive 5 way navigation keyIt has a 5-way navigation key that works like a joystick and gives you access to its QuickFit Virtual Scale function as well as all other OSD functions and settings. You can use the navigation key to select up, down, left and right functions as well as to confirm OSD functions.


Picture-in Picture and Picture-by-Picture

It comes with an Asus exclusive and innovative Picture-by-Picture(PBP) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function that allows you to view images from different signals in nearly anyway that you want to view them. This two functions also allows you to switch between the main and PIP source which includes audios as well easily.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image ergonomic Design quickfit virtual scale functionQuickFit Virtual Scale

It comes with the Asus exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale function that allows you to preview documents and photos on display in their actual sizes before you print them. With this, you can edit photos and view them accurately as they appear on the screen. This function can be activated through a hotkey on the monitor. There are also seven different background colors for you to choose from while working with the QuickFit Virtual Scale function. And it supports the following document and photo formats:

  • Document: A4, letter
  • Photo: 8”x10”, 5”x7”, 4”x6”, 3”x5”, 2”x2”
  • Grid: Alignment, Centimeters, Inches


Power consumption

It uses less power than its predecessor (ASUS PA246Q) due to its eco-friendly LED backlight. Power consumption was found to be lesser in this model than that of its predecessor the PA246Q which is fair enough for most users. Its default power consumption in standard picture mode of about 50% brightness is about 30 watts compared to the PA246Q that consumed about 70 watts in the same test performed on both displays.


LED Backlight advantages

Its screen uses a W-LED (White-LED) backlight technology that helps reduce power consumption with added environmental benefits unlike the older CCFL backlight technology. And this comes with some added advantage as opposed to the PA246Q that is powered by a CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight. With this, it has more advantage such as a thinner panel and a weight lesser than the PA246Q (weighing three pounds lighter). Its LED backlighting also provides bright pictures with solid blacks.


Backlight leakage

The results of the panels test for backlight leakage was good as there was no obvious backliAsus PA248Q monitor review image4ght bleeding noticeable to the naked eye. And the uniformity of its panel for backlight bleeding looked very good even in a dark room. Although there was some slight clouding from its corners, it is very small and won’t be noticed practically.



It can tilt within a 20 degrees range, swivel 60 degrees right and left, pivot 90 degrees to portrait mode, and you can adjust the height to up to four inches. But since it does not support auto-rotation, you will have to change the image orientation in the graphics control panel.


Viewing Angles

Viewing angles were impressively wide on it with only a little contrast shift at the widest angles. And there is no loss of color fidelity when you view the screen from extreme angles. And even when you rotate it to portrait mode, the top and bottom angles still looks good.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image no_color_shift_pic


With its e-IPS panel, you can view the screen from many different angles without losing sharpness, color quality, picture quality and gamma. Also its Anti-glare coating blocks out most reflections. It is able to minimize the effect of direct sunlight on picture quality unlike with glossy screens.



It is backed by a three year panel and casing warranty that covers the backlight as well. The warranty also includes Asus’s Zero Bright Dot guarantee that promise a full monitor replacement if stuck pixels are found. They also offer a 24-7 toll free phone support. As well as an e-mail and web chat support.


To see what others who own it had to say about it, go here.


Other Features

It features two circular dials with measuring notches like a ruler along the bezel that acts as measurement guides so you can pivot and swivel the panel precisely as you want. You might not notice the measurement notches except you look closely and they can come in handy if you eventually happen to need them. It also comes with a function that enables you to navigate and select various options with a joystick which is much easier than the conventional up and down buttons that most monitors are known for.
Asus PA248Q monitor review image colorAdjustment


It has a flexible stand with lots of ports that helps for ease of use.


You don’t get to hear any audible noise from the screen while in normal use even if you listen very closely. Though it still made those usual noises that monitors make when turned off.


Also available for videos and movies is a Picture by Picture (PbP) and Picture in Picture (PiP) function that can be useful when connecting another display to it. It is able to display Picture-in-Picture view on the screen from a second display input either in the same window or with the display from both sources side by side on the screen.


It comes with the Asus Eyecare monitor function that adopts a Flicker-Free technology to clear out any distracted flicker shown on the screen for a more comfortable viewing experience and to reduce eye fatigue resulting from long period views.





Asus PA248Q monitor review image3Asus PA248Q is aimed at graphic professionals in need of an affordable display with several features. It is equally aimed at those who are more interested in color accuracy and who do not want the complications of wide gamut to contend with. It comes pre-calibrated and offers more screen space than typical 24-inch displays with full range of ergonomic adjustments and connectivity options.


It is very good for office works, photo editing, HD videos and several more. And more to its advantage is the extra 120 pixels that makes its native resolution of 1920 x 1200 a bit greater than full HD (1920 x 1080) as to provide additional 10 percent viewable space.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image9

At the end of it all, there were more positives than negative reviews. Although the negative reviews were something to take note of, they were not deal breakers. And as mentioned, it depends on what you want out of this monitor. With great features like a high resolution (1920x1200p), great color quality, wide viewing angles, and a good price, it is rated very well for good reasons.


It is rated great overall amongst users and reviewers as well. Because it performed very well up to expected standards. It received 4.3 out of a 5 star rating on Amazon, 4 scores out of a 5 score rating on Cnet (scoring the highest on features), and a 4 out of 5 from PCmag. With an overall rating of ‘excellent’, it’s hard to ignore its powerful display features.




Asus PA248Q is aimed toward professionals, allowing users to experience professional grade color. It targets those users who are dependent on high quality color work. The 24 inch screen is encased in a sleek, all black design. It can be easily adjusted in order to meet your height and angle needs. It also offers low lag, so gamers are also fond of this monitor.


Asus PA248Q monitor review image ergonomic Design quickfit virtual scale functionIt gives you a color quality that is rich and robust. It has a good ergonomic stand with multiple adjustment options. It offers wide viewing angles and several picture settings. Grayscale performance was good but less than other high end displays like the NEC Multisync EA232WMi.


Movies and games looked great on it too. But there was some clouding and there were evidence of a shallow color palette on it compared to high end and expensive monitors.


If what you need is a monitor mainly for photo editing that offers many features at a reasonable price, this monitor is ideal for you. Because it is a monitor that was made for color critical purposes than for games and movie watching. But if you are looking for something higher and you have the budget for it, you may want to consider better performing monitors like the HP DreamColor LP2480zx or even its predecessor, the PA246Q.


Where to buy the ASUS PA248Q professional graphics monitor for photo editing and gaming.


There are quite a number of options as to where to buy this monitor online and one very good and trusted place to get it at a good price is at Amazon when you click here.

Because at Amazon, you get it at the best price possible with free shipping. And because they are a well known and trusted brand.








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