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ASUS PA246Q monitorThere are many types of monitors currently available in the market, but most of them cannot be compared to the ASUS PA246Q in terms of the special features attached to it. The ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD monitor for photo editing and home use is a full HD monitor that is insightfully developed using advanced technology to deliver outstanding performance. The ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD Monitor delivers exceptional performance in many ways. For instance, it is designed for professional design and photography related works. Secondly, it features an extra wide gamut display with very rich and well saturated colors. This is particularly good for photo editing, playing games, watching movies and working with texts on the desktop. Even if you are not a professional designer or photographer, you still need the ASUS PA246Q for good desktop working experience. It comes equipped with every connection option that you require.


  • The ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD Monitor is quite affordable going for a very good price at Amazon. See the end of this post for more details.
  • It has vibrant colors that offer exceptional performance for games and movies.
  • It has robust OSD  that is designed to offer detailed customization options.
  • It delivers exceptional graphical precision through its unique features.
  • The ASUS PA246Q monitor offer full ergonomic support.


  • It offers relatively small desktop screen display of 24 inches.
  • It does come with auto-rotate feature.
  • Its grayscale performance is not the best.
  • The ASUS PA246Q cannot attain deep blacks due to its powerful backlight.
  • Some images come with slightly reddish hue due to its consistent color imperfection.

Ultimate color precision

The ASUS PA246Q comes with ultimate color precision features. This professional pre-calibrated monitor uses a wide color gamut coupled with effective P-IPS Panel to achieve optimal color precision. Furthermore, the ASUS PA246Q monitor is equipped with reliable P-IPS panel that has the ability to provide 1.07 billion colors plus 98% of Adobe RGB. With this, the monitor actually offers 130% color in comparison with other conventional LCD monitors. This helps the monitor achieve maximum color precision for professional design and photography as well as gaming and watching of movies. Ability to deliver maximum color precision is one of the key features of the ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD Monitor.

178˚ wide viewing angle

ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch monitorThe ASUS PA246Q monitor offers you a wide 1780 wide viewing angle. The wide viewing angle is particularly needed for watching movies or playing games especially in large member family as well as for photo editing. The provided 178˚ wide viewing angle is both horizontal and vertical enabling to watch easily from the comfort of your place. The wide viewing angle also helps eliminate shifting of screen color no matter how and your position. Wide viewing angle is also necessary for professional designers and photographers.

Flawless gradation

This monitor is particularly designed by ASUS to offer flawless gradation. This flawless gradation comes with an efficient 12-bit look-up table. This enables it as a professional monitor to achieve greater depth and accuracy for each RGB colors as compared to the 8-bit look-up table that most conventional monitors in the market uses. The 12-bit look-up table helps the ASUS PA246Q monitor to achieve smooth gradation and very accurate color resolution. High color resolution is necessary if you want to view images in their original colors.

QuickFit virtual scale

The ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD Monitor is designed to offer exclusive user-friendly solutions. To achieve this, the monitor comes with an exclusive in-built QuickFit virtual scale that has high ability of providing real size photos and documents. In addition, it provides a grid mode at the top most part of the operating window screen. This useful QuickFit virtual scale feature can be easily activated the monitor’s hotkeys. In addition, it can be used as a guide tool for accurate editing and viewing of photos.

Ergonomic design with versatile comfort

ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch monitorThe ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD Monitor comes in a beautiful ergonomic design that to offer versatile comfort. The ergonomic design is useful for portability. With this design, you are able to save enough of your desktop space for other purposes like keeping printers and scanners. This excellent monitor comes with a tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments options. All these are ideal for comfortable viewing position thus helping you have an excellent experience working on your desktop or simply playing games and watching movies.

Customized color adjustment

With the ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS monitor, you are able to customize fully the color. You can customize both hue and color saturation. The monitor comes with reliable and effective controls for adjusting and customization of both hue and saturation. It comes with six color adjustments that allow you to easily adjust and customize six different colors that are red, cyan, magenta, green, blue, and yellow. You can do this independently without affecting other colors.

Hassle-free connection

Lastly, the ASUS PA246Q is designed to offer users with hassle-free connectivity options. This monitor offers a wide range of rich and user-friendly connectivity. These include HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, and D-sub amongst other options. The monitor also comes equipped with two USB 2.0 ports and a 7-in-1 card reader to provide addition connectivity option. With these, you can easily connect your ASUS PA246Q monitor to other devices.


This award winning professional-class monitor is designed by ASUS to deliver exceptional performance. It comes with a very good number of features mentioned above. Besides, the ASUS PA246Q 24-Inch Professional Super-IPS Full-HD LCD Monitor is quite affordable when compared with other monitor products of its range. I highly recommend this professional-class monitor for your home or office use. Besides, it is the first high-end P-IPS panel 24-inch LCD monitor available in the market to cost less than the usual high price characterized by others of its kind. The ASUS PA246Q actually delivers just like any other high priced monitors available in the market. It comes with many features that enable it to make exceptional performance. In essence, ASUS PA246Q is one of the best monitor for photo editing and home use.It is also one of the most versatile monitors that you can ever find in the market at an affordable price.

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